Another short update

Today is the beginning of the fasting month and after one month, the Muslim will celebrate Hari Raya.  I can go back to my liver diet again as there will not be anymore office lunches.

Right now, work is very busy.  It's always like this before any international pujas.  There are bound to have some maya that we have to go through somehow.  I am just surrendering it to the Divine. 

In the past few days, I have been emotionally affected.  I am not sure what it is but it disturbed me until I have funny dreams.  Maybe because it's new moon, which I feel has an effect on me.  And when I become weak, my left agnya immediately gets affected and that's when I get funny dreams.  This makes me tired and then unable to meditate properly.  It's like a cycle and usually I can only break this cycle during the weekend when I have enough of rest.  OK, no more justifications.  Must break this cycle whenever I can by waking up earlier to meditate and having proper meditation in the evening.  Best to start off is to sleep early.  Not tonight though, have a practice for our performance in Cabella.