We need positive vibes all around

There is this phrase in Islam that says, "Pray before you are prayed upon."  Meaning we should pray often before others pray for us at our funeral or before it's too late.  I feel this is a meaningful phrase.

Sorry, I digressed.  Recently there's a lot of happenings in Malaysia.  Rallies, racists, disturbances, economy slowdown, haze, etc.  With all these and the increase in prices, many Malaysians feel the pinch.  Some have become frustrated and angry and venting it out on all.  Be it on the road, at work, at home, you name it.

I feel it's so easy for people to get angry, for very little and small things now.  But we need positive vibes.  We need to stop all the negative energy that is spreading all around and all over.

People who are angry has succumbed to the negativity.  Even when we read on some Sahaj Facebook group, sometimes the comments sounded very angry and frustrated.  

I feel the best is not to react and to witness.  What more now that I am extremely sensitive, so much so that I can't bear much negativity and I crave for positive vibes.  So when I see people get angry or be negative towards me, I can't handle it.  Some days I have to rush home from work and do an urgent footsoak to clear off the negativity.  Some times I have to footsoak like 2-3 times in a row to be able to feel better.

So, in these difficult times, I feel even more negative energy around us and at times I am just too tired absorbing it all and just go to sleep.  Some days I need a few days of sleep to recover, even with regular footsoaking and clearing.

And I feel more negativity attacking me now than before.  I am not really sure why.  Whether at home or at work, I can see it happening.  At home, a coconut crack a day.  At work, bosses are venting their frustrations on me.  Accusing things that never happened, ego bursting incidences, etc.

Like the other day, my boss insisted that she sent an email with clear instructions to me on a certain day.  I checked all my emails that day and can't find that particular email.  She still insisted on it and sent me a Whatsapp at 8pm at night when I was already home, doesn't want to admit defeat and told me that she did sent the email that very day.  I was very tempted to give it back to her, very tempted to just tell her off.  But I kept quiet.  It took a night of clearing and meditation to think things through and I realised, what's the point?  The most important thing is I do the work she asked.  Whether she sent or not doesn't make any difference.  So I just gave her the work she asked and never raise the issue that I didn't receive the email.  I was of course very frustrated.  Extremely frustrated.

You see, what happened lately was we have moved office and my boss no longer sits with us.  Instead, she gets a room now and her ego also gets bigger, just because she has a new room.  And because she cannot see what I am doing now, she micromanage every single thing that I am doing.  Like email reminders every single day.  It gets annoying to a part because it's like despite working here under her for 5 years, she still have not trusted me to get the work done.  It's really disappointing.

One day, I can't remember now why I was so upset with her, but the moment I came home, I felt very sick.  The weird thing was I can't tell which part of me that was feeling sick.  It wasn't like cold or stomachache or flu or fever.  Just felt overall very heavy and very disturbed.  Inside me was craving to have a footsoak.  The moment I put my feet into the water, I vomited.  It was that bad.

So I have decided that I don't want to let her affect me.  I try my best to push off all the negativities around by being happy.  By witnessing and not react to the incidences though it's easier said than done.  But I just have to, no matter what.  For the sake of my sanity.  For my vibes.  For my family.

So, I would suggest all to please spread positive vibes.  I am not just saying to just give SR and spread those positive vibes.  Even if we are at home, or anywhere, just be happy and spread that happiness around.  See how children are.  They don't react much.  Even if they do, they forget it the next minute.

I have stayed away from Facebook as much as possible and sometimes to test myself I just read some posts and see if I react.  If I do, then I refrained from reading further.

Everyone, please stay happy in these difficult times, no matter how hard it is.  Don't let negativity consume us and don't spread the negativity around.  Be happy and stay joyful.  God bless!