Things that our attention can do

Yesterday night, I was not feeling too well. In that instance, I desire to eat some comfort food, i.e Tau Fu Fah. Tau Fu Fah is soft beancurd and eaten as dessert with syrup. I haven't eaten that for a very long time as my colleague told me soya increases estrogen.

Somehow, very mildly I desire to eat that and didn't think much of it after that and went to bed.

This morning, I saw on the dining table, a packet of Tau Fu Fah, bought by my mom for my breakfast. She had not bought Tau Fu Fah for a very long time too.

It was just so strange and yet so miraculous. I don't think it was coincidence.

So best if we can keep our attention for better things. It has been proven that our attention can work things out. It's a power bestow by our Divine Mother! Jai Shri Mataji!