A new blog?

I have been playing with this idea in my head.  Writing a blog to earn money.  Since I have some free time at work, I have been reading some blogs.  I didn't know that there are bloggers who are working full-time just blogging and becoming celebrity bloggers and earning celebrity income through advertisements.  That sounds easy right?

I am not going to make this blog into a money making blog.  No way am I going to make money with Sahaja Yoga.  So, I have been toying with the idea of maybe I can start a separate blog and write something I like and something that people will read.  Maybe then I will publicise it more (compare to now) and get known.

So, what blog should I start?
1. Food blog - Well, there are way too many food blogs out there, especially Malaysian food blogs.  Of all the blogs, I feel a food blog is expensive because you need to spend on food first, then only you can write about them.  But you will get a lot of readers for food blog because everyone needs to eat.  If you are good at taking photos, the food will look so delicious that you make your readers salivate and you get more readers.

2. Politics blog - No way I am getting near to politics.  You might get a lot of readers because there are many readers who want to read something else apart from the news from newspaper.  But you might get into trouble with the authorities.  Anyway, I am not interested in politics and don't know much about it too.

3. Cooking/baking blog - Hmm...this is something I can explore.  Not that I am a good cook.  I hardly cook at home because my mom does all the cooking.  I do bake sometimes and I prefer baking rather than cooking.  But again, I am just a beginner baker.  Maybe a blog about my trial and error?

4. Art/handicraft blog - I love to do cross-stitch.  I have actually thought to make some cross-stitch to sell, like an extra income thingy.  But not many people are into cross-stitch, so the market is very niche.  Well, it's something I like to do, although it can be time-consuming and you use a lot of effort and eye power.

5. Shopping blog - I am no shopper and not a fashion or make-up person.  So this is definitely out of the question.

6. Personal blog - This is a personal blog.  Why do I need another one?  And I cannot imagine writing something personal which is not related to Sahaja Yoga because my life is Sahaja Yoga.

7. Travel blog - Unless my company sends me to work all over world, this can be really costly.  You have to be rich to write a travel blog.

8. Family blog - I have read some interesting family blogs.  Those with children will write how their children are growing each day.  Those just got married will tell about their newly-wed lives.  Those who have just given birth will write their new life being a mother or father.  But for a single person like me, my family is my father, mother, sister and brother-in-law.  A bit lack of resources to write. 

9. Story-telling blog - I have come across maybe just 1 so far.  It's interesting if the blogger is a good writer.  You keep the suspense going and you get your readers curiosity run high and you get more readers.  But I am not a writer, so out of the question.

10. Book review blog - I have read 1 blog of such so far.  If you are a person who reads a lot [ to you know who you are], then this is a good chance.  Me, HAHAHA, I am no reader nor writer. 

Well, I have been reading some interesting blogs.  Some people will share their homecooking recipe and all the traditional cooking method.  That one is nice and I like it very much.  Some people will write about their lives and as most bloggers are youngsters, their lives are very much filled with clubbing, meeting friends and talking nonsense.  These are the blogs that I don't like that much because sometimes they use foul language and bloggers can be very influential, so I feel that they should mind their language.  Also their lifestyle doesn't click with Sahaja Yogis, so not my favourite.  Some just blog to share with friends and family because they are overseas studying, so they write about their daily activities.  Some celebrity bloggers will write about anything, mainly advertisement because they get paid, but also to critic others and sometimes a bit rude.  Not nice.  Some bloggers are really good writers and their blogs are so funny.  These are the blogs that can really do well. 

Anyway, let's see.  I just write for fun, to share my thoughts, to pen my memories, to remind me of things.  Maybe...see what works out.

Taking this out of my mind now....what's that charm in Harry Potter that you take your memory out with your wand and put it into the water?