The wonders of being a Sahaja Yogi

I was wondering what birthday present to give to a Sahaja Yogi for his 16th birthday.  It's harder to get a gift for a teenager boy, so been wondering in my head, what and so on.  Since I was teaching him harmonium, the first thought in my mind was to get him a harmonium book.  That's what my human mind thought.  Then out of the blue, suddenly I have an idea to give him a trilogy which I have bought to read but not finding any time to read. 

I gave it to him and he was delighted, saying that he has been wanting these books.  

So, I was amazed that I made way for the Sahaj mind to work out and if I just let the human mind to take charge, probably he won't like it that much.

So, I realise that since I got my self-realisation, many wonders like this have happened.  Sometimes we think something is best, but the Divine will intervene and tell you something that is even better.