Guru the Dog

No, I am not insulting any guru. Guru is the name of a Golden Retriever ( i think) and he belongs to Shri Mataji. I first met him when I went to Cabella for Shri Ganesha Puja in September 2001.

The Malaysians were the first few groups to arrived and in the big pendal, there were only about 50 people staying the night. It was so cold that I have to wear 5 layers of clothing. Due to jet lag, I woke up at 3am Cabella time, which was 9am Malaysian time, and I saw Guru walking around the pendal. We called him and he came and gave us some warmth. He laid down and slept next to us.

We were told that Guru has the qualities of a guru. He knows what's right and what's wrong and so often he will correct those people who made mistakes knowingly or unknowingly by barking at them.

I have seen him barking at children who were running on the stage, where Shri Mataji's altar was placed. He had barked at a lady who was carrying her shoes into the pendal (which we were not allowed to).

Every morning, he will come down to the pendal from Shri Mataji's castle to see the yogis. He will hang around yogis, go to the river, into the pendal, played with the yogis and kids.

Once, a 2 year old boy accidentally fell on his tail and usually dogs will be very aggressive at that and he just looked up...and then laid down again.

Every evening, he will return to Shri Mataji's castle. I have not been to Cabella since then, so I am not sure whether he is still around, but he sure is an amazing dog.