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Review: The Phantom Of The Opera at Sands Theater, Singapore

Before I go into the review, remember this post?   OK, if you don't remember, it's fine.  How about this one?  OK, never mind.
Background: I have been in love with the Phantom Of The Opera (POTO) since I was a little girl.  I was introduced to it by my late cousin sister (who was a year older than me).  I have no idea how she got to know about it.  At that age, my cousin although 1 year older, always played a dominant role in my life.  She insisted that I must love POTO too eventhough I knew nuts about it.  And in order for me to fall in love with it, she hand-written all the lyrics, recorded the songs in a tape cassette for me and made me sing all the songs in it.  On top of that, she was Grade 6 or 7 piano at that time and she bought the POTO piano book and was playing and playing and made me sang duet with her.  I was only Grade 1 piano and envied her a lot to be able to play so well.
Anyhow, she successfully brain-washed me.  I fell in love with POTO's songs (as I have…