First post in 2018

I better post this before January is over.  Jai Shri Mataji!  This is the first post in 2018.  I have been rather busy ever since I have started ketogenic diet.  Been spending more time in the office during the weekdays, researching what kind of food to make and busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen during the weekends.

And I try not to post here when my liver is hot.  Well, I tend to write in an aggressive non-Sahaj kinda way, so better to keep my liver cool, vibrations up before I write anything meant for the public.

For the first month of January 2018, there was a big storm in the Sahaj world.  There was a lot of controversial as in who is right and who is not, who is judgmental and who is not, lots of discussions among yogis, some using Shri Mataji's excerpts, some remembered something Shri Mataji said in the past.  Whatever it is, and I do not want to add more fuel to the fire, I feel, all of us, whether old-timers or not, whether got asked to leave or not, whether can feel vibrations or not, whether had bad history with council members or not, all of us, should just stop analyzing the situation and just sit back, cool down, footsoak, clear all the channels, with fire, with ice, do massive clearing and meditate, meditate and meditate.  How it will work out, I don't know, but I am sure something will happen.  Why am I so positive?  I had a dream last night.  It wasn't very clear and I don't remember much, but bits of pieces was that Shri Mataji had Her attention on this issue and something will work out with the collective desire.  Since the majority have a strong desire towards the betterment of Sahaja Yoga, something will work out for the better.  Just wait and see.

If we continue disagreeing and fighting, what happened to the collective desire?  Isn't collective desire means everyone should have the same desire, the same direction, the same agreement?  And that desire has to be pure too.  Then how are we going to work things out if we keep on discussing the pros and cons, the good and bad, and everyone is bound by their own opinions.

So many of us are imperfect.  Only God is perfect.  So, let's not beat each other up because of our imperfections. 

~~ Please do not give me any comments below and I have shut the comments section off.  If you feel like arguing, disagreeing with me, please sit down and have a good meditation and remember that all of us are brothers and sisters of the same Mother. ~~

Ok, enough of that.  The night before, I had a strange dream, which don't have any significance.  I saw Shri Mataji riding on an elephant in a very majestic way.  And as She was approaching nearer to me, I told someone behind me that I helped Shri Mataji to look after Her ring, which has a light blue stone but not sapphire.  And I was trying very hard to remember the name of the stone, but couldn't.  When I woke up, I googled and found the stone name is called aquamarine and it turns out to be the birth stone for March, Shri Mataji's birthday!  But I don't know the meaning of the whole dream.

Let's talk a bit about the ketogenic diet.  I started for about 2 months now and I have lost about 4kg.  Should have lost more but cheated a bit.  So losing slowly.  The only down side about the diet is that no sugar food is heating my liver up too much.  Constantly needs to ice pack.  Or better still ice footsoak and cold shower.  Probably because I am too right sided.

The reason why I started was because I wanted to lose weight and get back to better health and main thing is I am doing it for my girl.  I don't want to be a burden to her.  I was having insulin resistance and it was giving a lot of hormonal problems.  And on top of that, since I gave birth, my body was in a bad shape.  Pregnancy really did a lot of changes to the body.  I was having aches and pains everywhere, for no reasons.  The moment I stopped pumping breast milk, I decided enough is enough and jumped into the ketogenic diet without any thoughts.

Since started, besides losing weight, my complexion is better, my health is better and the aches and pains went away, not completely, but definitely. 

I jumped into it because I was committed to change my lifestyle for my girl, so that I get more energy to play with her.  And because I kept finding new ketogenic recipes, I became a better cook also and have a few specialty dishes i.e pork curry, spinach & onion soup, keto pizza and crispy pork belly.

The moment I stand committed, I told myself no more excuses, no more justifications, no more BUTS. 

I know some friends who had a difficult time changing their lifestyle.  Lots of excuses, lots of can't dos.  And at the same time, complaining about this, that and finding reasons that causes them but not willing to change them.  I believed that if you want to do it, nothing can stop you.  Just do it!

But this diet did make me go more right sided.  I was so irritated with everyone and I could feel myself getting angry.  Just need to cool down a lot.  So hence, less post on this blog.  I am going to continue with the diet until I reach my ideal weight.  Then I will cheat a bit but still no desire to eat rice and noodles and such.