Renew LTSVP 2018/2019

Here's an update to our yearly event.  This year we have no choice but to bring our girl along. 

After 5 years of visiting this place every year, I finally have a system on how to make this an easier event without having to take more annual leave than required.

For the forms, they haven't change at all.  So, take the blank forms and scan it into your computer first.  Next year, just print it out.

To get stamping of the employment contract, LHDN opened at 8am.  So go and wait for them to open and it is done within 15 minutes.  Still made it to the office by 8.30am.

As for the actual renewal of the LTSVP, they have a special counter now for senior citizens, applicants with small babies, pregnant applicants or disabled applicants.  I seriously think it's because of my blog post earlier, talking about praising oneself.

We went straight to the Mahkamah first to get the Sumpah done.  Then went to the immigration department.

All the documents were checked at the reception counter then the officer will give you a number.  Depending on your case, if you deserved the special counter, calling number start with 5.  Otherwise, it's 2.  To me it doesn't really make much difference.  Same length of time this year and last year although last year we didn't bring our girl along.  I must say it is a vast improvement now.  From waiting for 5-6 hours to only 2-3 hours.

The rest of the procedure is the same except they have renovated the place and special counters are Counter 9-10, cashiers are Counter 12-13 and collection counter is 14.  There is also a nursing/baby room.  So kudos for thinking about mothers and babies.

However, we are still getting 1 year only despite living here for more than 5 years already.  My guess is because the passport is expiring in 2019 and he travels back to China every year.  I guess.

And without fail, every year I get scolded for no reason.  These people love to vent their anger on customers.

You see, I was at the reception counter and the officer gave me a calling number and told me to go straight to Counter 10.  I was surprised myself and asked her again, "Just go straight to Counter 10???". And her reply was yes. 

I did as told and the officer at Counter 10 was not pleased that I was there, thinking I was jumping queue.  She asked what I wanted.  I told her.  Then she got angry and said, wait lah for your number, can't you see I have other customers.  Just go sit down and wait.

Then it dawned upon me that my calling number 5011 is actually a special counter number.  The officer at the reception meant for me to go there and wait for Counter 10 to call my number.  Gosh.  Why can't they tell it properly?

Anyway, I am seriously thinking to migrate to another country where we are treated better.  Probably better to go back to China.  I feel foreign workers get treated better than foreign spouse.

Yes, they improved their service and it is much faster now.  We were there about 9.30am to 10am and was out of there by 12.30pm.  But still 1 year???  Despite staying and working here for the past 5 years and even having a kid now? 

And the work endorsement deadline is nearer and nearer and different from the pass expiry date.  Sooner or later, we will have to make the trip twice because the gap is getting bigger.

Yes, as you can see, I am super disappointed.  By the looks of it, there is no way we will be getting our PR.  Am looking at Singapore now.  Maybe they will welcome us better.

Let's digress.  There was this Malaysian old man, about 80 years old with his young Chinese wife there at the special counter because he is a senior citizen.  I saw the dressing of the wife was a bit weird.  Then I overheard the conversation.  They were denied entry, not sure who stopped them and where, because the wife was wearing a short dress.  It was a decent dress with sleeves.  Just that it is above the knee.  They were told to buy a long skirt to wear over the dress at one of the sundry shop downstairs or come back another day.  So they obliged and bought a long skirt and it was expensive. So it is true that your entry to the building is denied if you wear short skirts or shorts.  What a way of respecting women.  So a tip for the women out there who wants to visit any government department in Malaysia, please wear long pants or long skirts.  Because the Malaysian men do not know how to control their eyes. 


Ni Yu Chuan said…
Hi Yen,my girlfriend is from China.I'm planning to marry her. The thing is she is coming to work on April/May and in the meantime if I marry her and register on marriage in Malaysia.Will her working permit be cancel? Thank you
Yen said…
Hi Ni Yu Chuan,

If I am not mistaken, I don't think her working permit will be cancel if you marry her. But you might want to check with Immigration if she need to apply for the Long Term Social Visit Pass on top of having a work permit.
Ni Yu Chuan said…
Okay. Thank you. Let's say if I marry her before she gets her work permit. Can she work after we register our marriage? If she gets the work permit after we register our marriage.Because I read something about once the foreigners spouse get the LTSVP.That person can't work until she got the 1 year visa am I right?
Yen said…
If she apply for the LTSVP, the employer have to apply for the work endorsement which is endorse on the passport for free, but lots of hassle because needs to renew annually (in my case). If she get a work permit, she is permitted to stay in Malaysia as long as the work permit is valid. As for whether she can work after you register your marriage, before the work permit, I guess you have to check with her employer. In my personal opinion, I think it's better for her to get the work permit. At least you don't have to renew every year. But do check out with Immigration about your options.
Ni Yu Chuan said…
Understood. Thank you so much
Ni Yu Chuan said…
Hi Yen,after we register our marriage,is it true that we can only apply for LTSVP after 6 months of marriage? Means in the 6 months time,she needs to fly back and forth to China?
Yen said…
Hi Ni Yu Chuan, that was the case for us when we registered in 2011. It might be different now. Best to check with immigration. I think you can apply for the short term social visit pass which means you need to renew like every few months.
Ni Yu Chuan said…
Okay. Thank you so much and happy Chinese New Year.