Happy Diwali!

May the light of Diwali brings enlightenment to our spirit and keep the light burning.  May the light of Diwali brighten all the dark days.  May the good forces destroy the evil.  May Shri Mataji blesses us always.

Every time I write the above message for Diwali, I am always reminded of the one time that Shri Mataji came to my dream and spoke to me.  It was so surreal but at the same time felt so real.

At that time, one yogi was having some major problem with his marital life.  When Shri Mataji came to my dream, first thing She told me was that I have no courage.  That's another story, another day.  Then I asked, how about this yogi?  And She closed her eyes and took a short pause and then replied, "His fire is too strong, his flame is dying."

The first translation of the dream in my head was that he is too right sided, and the flame in his heart, the spiritual light is slowly dying.  In another words, he is going to leave his wife and Sahaja Yoga.  Which happened shortly after this dream.

Of the many dreams that Shri Mataji came, this was only time that She spoke to me, clearly and precisely.  However, I can't really share this dream to a lot of people because of the outcome.  I have wished that Shri Mataji has spoken about a positive outcome instead.  But then again, we are always given the choice to choose and sometimes that choice is to do something against our spirit.

Anyway, the light of our Spirit is very important.  Please keep the flame burning.  Happy Diwali to all!

Diwali Letter
London (UK), October 27th, 1981

Dear Sahaja Yogis, My Dear Children,
May this Diwali light the lamp of love within all of you. You yourselves are like those lamps whose glow spreads far and wide, and this glow cannot be diminished by trying to cover it up.
In fact, trying to conceal them makes these lamps even more powerful. This is the inherent wealth of these lamps. But sometimes negativity causes these lamps to shake and waver.
What is the reason for these lamps to shake and waver? All of you please think about this. Don’t you possess a kavach (protection) to keep you from shaking and wavering?
Have you forgotten your Mother’s love, and is that why you shake and waver?
My love will always protect you in the same manner in which a glass covering provides protection to a lamp.
But the glass has to be kept clean. In what words can I explain this to you? Will I have to say like Shri Krishna said -“Give up all other duties and surrender only to me,” or like Jesus Christ said, “I am the path and I am the entrance.”
What I want to tell you is that “I am your final aim”. But will you all accept this? Will this message of mine enter your hearts?
Sometimes whatever I say is distorted and twisted. But the truth is the truth. You cannot change the truth. If you try to change the truth you will remain ignorant and backward. This is the reason for my unhappiness.
Diwali is the day for pure aspirations. Please welcome the entire universe.
Many lamps have been lit and these lamps have to be protected. Pour the oil of love into these lamps, make the Kundalini the wick and your inner Atma the flame and let the glow of this flame raise the Kundalini of others.
The flame of the Kundalini will glow even much more and the small flame within you will become huge. This huge flame will never die.
Then you will receive the pure protection of my love. This love is limitless and unending.
I will always look after you.
My love will always shower you with infinite blessings.
Ever yours,
Loving Mother,