How to apply for travel document for your infant to travel to China

Baby is going to make her maiden trip to China soon.  At first I thought the process of getting a visa is the same as mine but unfortunately no.

Apparently, parents who intend to bring their infant to China need to bring their infant to the Chinese Embassy to get a travel document to go to China.  This travel document is different from the visa application which is applicable to only children age 2 and above.

I would strongly suggest that you make a trip to the Chinese Embassy first to enquire about the process before going there straight.  So you probably need to make the trip twice.

What they required is for you to apply online, i.e fill up all the personal information of your child, affix the soft copy of your child's photo (passport size with white background) and then make an appointment online.  Print out the form.  I think this is the website

Everything is written in Chinese.  Each day they only serve 33 appointments.  Their working hours is from 9am to 11am.

Then get ready all the necessary documents. 
1. Infant's passport and copy
2. Parent's Chinese passport and copy 
3. Parent's Malaysian IC and copy
4. Parents' Malaysian Marriage Certificate and copy. I even brought the Chinese Marriage Booklet and copy just in case. 
5. Infant's birth certificate and copy
6. 2 infant's passport photo with white background
7. Our flight itinerary but they didn't take it.

On the day of the appointment, go to the Chinese Embassy at Plaza OSK, Jalan Ampang and get a calling number. Wait for your turn which is quite fast since they only serve 33 applicants per day.  Counter 3 is the one doing the travel document.  Go there when your number is called. Give all the documents.  What I really like is the efficiency of the staff there.  She pour out all our documents from the folder and sorted out and took whatever she wanted and return the unwanted copies to us.

Then the staff told us to go to Counter 2 to take a family photograph using their webcam.  Then wait for Counter 4 to open and another staff will do a short interview.  Actually the Counter 4 staff just checked the documents again and that was it.  He returned all our original documents and then gave us a pink slip for collection.  The process is 3 working days.

After 3 working days, go back to the Chinese Embassy to collect.  Take the number and then when your number is called, you will be given a slip to pay at Bank of China downstairs.  After paying, go up again and then voila, collect the Travel Document, which is like a small passport, except it is blue in colour.

I was told children below 2 years have to do this.  Above 2 years old will be normal procedure like the adults.


Musanf King said…
The reason they are asking the child to apply for China travel document instead of giving visa on his/her Malaysia passport is that though the child is a Malaysia, at the same time the Chinese government still consider him as Chinese nationality, because either he is born in China, or born overseas with one of the parents who is a Chinese citizen. Once he enters China, he is considered as a Chinese citizen there. He is in the situation of "Nationality Conflict" similar to my son, who is holding Malaysian and China passport, but we are going to OSK to apply the China travel document for him and return his China passport.
Yen said…
Hi Musanf King, Thanks for your comment. My thoughts exactly. My girl only have Malaysian passport.