How to apply for a Malaysian passport for toddler of a foreign parent

You read the title right.  The reason why I want to blog about this is because I can't find it anywhere else.  All the other blogs talk about the process of getting a passport for your kid.  But no one mentioned about a kid with a Malaysian mom and a foreigner dad.  Well, I thought it was the same process, but unfortunately no.  Guess next time I have to bear in mind and bring ALL the documents with me.  My guess is it has something to do with the father.  When I made my first passport, I was not 18 years old then and I have to get my dad to sign a consent saying he allows me to apply for a passport.  And it specifically mentioned father, not mother.  So, my guess is, this doesn't apply if the father is a Malaysian and the mother is a foreigner.

Today, we went to apply for her first passport since we will be travelling overseas soon.  At 7.45am, there was already a queue at the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Kelana Jaya Branch.  Was given a form like this to fill up:

What you need to bring is:

1. Your kid's birth certificate and photocopy
2. Malaysian parent's NRIC and photocopy
3. Your marriage certificate (since they didn't ask to see it, but they did ask if I have it but I didn't bring it)
4. Foreign spouse's passport for them to check the Long Term Social Visit Pass' expiry date.

Now, No.4 was not written anywhere and so it didn't occur to me that I have to bring it, as I went to the immigration department with my mom because husband have to work.  I will come back to this later.

While in queue, fill up the form and get ready all your documents.  An officer will check and then give you your call number.  We get to use the special lane for children below 12 and senior citizens, meaning the process slightly faster than normal adult's counter.  If you forgot to bring a photocopy of your document, you can go to the next shop, where photocopy in colour (only in colour and no other) is RM2 per piece.

Our number was called within 30 minutes.  This was pretty fast.  Submit all the documents to the officer.  She will then ask if your kid can sit on his/her own and in our case, yes.  So, sat her on the stool.  The officer adjusted the camera height to match my kid's.  Now, the next step is to get your kid's attention to look into the camera.  The officer also gave us a toy to attract her attention.  First few times, she managed to look into the camera but the flash didn't come on.  Then after some tweaking, the flash was working but my kid didn't want to look at the camera anymore, no matter how many times I shook the rattle in front of her.  She was bored.  Anyhow, finally manage to get one that she coincidentally looked into the camera, just as the flash came on and voila!  That took us like 10 minutes just to get that photo.  

Oh, please wear a dark colour top.  If you wear a light one, then you will be asked to wear one of the public coats hung nearby.  If you feel icky about wearing those coats (God knows when was the last wash and how many wore it already), then please be wise and wear a dark colour top.  Not white, not yellow, not beige.  Black, dark brown, dark red, maroon, etc.

After the photo was taken, then the officer verified the documents, my NRIC, kid's birth certificate.  This was when they asked about the father's passport as they want to know when was the visa expiring.  Well, I guess they are worried that the father may not be in Malaysia and not aware that the kid is going to have a passport soon or that we are not rightfully married and they are worried the Malaysian might be taken away without permission, I don't know, just speculating.   Luckily I saved all the important documents on my Dropbox and all I have to do was to open the app and show the PDF copy.  Phew!  That works!  But the officer told me that this boss was a lenient one while another one was stricter.  So, she reminded me for renewal of passport, please bring all the documents ready.  This means, foreign spouse's passport and photocopy of passport and the visa and the employment pass and marriage certificate and photocopy, just in case.

Then we were told to wait to pay and paid RM100 for 5 years passport and was told to come back in 1 hour's time to collect it.  It was almost 9am.  So the whole process is about an hour and half.

Now for collection, this is what you have to bring:

1. The official receipt that was given to you earlier (with a stamped number)
2. Your kid.

I don't understand the necessity of No.2, but was told to bring her.  She was in the car, waiting because I thought it will be very fast, just collect.  But no, you need to bring your kid so that they know the passport photo matches to her face.  

Oh, on top of that, it is now compulsory to buy the passport cover that costs RM5 each.  Again, was told it is compulsory for the first passport ever so that to protect the chip that is super sensitive.  But then my family and colleague told me that I need to remove the passport cover before we can put the passport into the automatic lane, so this is totally unnecessary.  

So total cost of applying for a Malaysian passport for your kid = RM107 (paid RM2 as I forgot to bring photocopy of my IC) + RM4.40 for parking (first hour is RM2.20).

Time taken from application to collection = 2.5 hours.