Just a quick update

OMG!  I haven't updated at all in 2017.  And this is going to be the first post and it's already May!!!

I am still around although this blog is not active.  But some posts are still very actively read by many readers especially those relating to the Marriage Registration and Long Term Social Visit Pass.  Thank you for reading and I am happy that these posts had helped you.

I have been crazy busy.   At work, at home, OMG!  I don't have time to do anything at all.  I wanted to make a busy book for my girl and post it, but still initial stages.  I wanted to colour some deities and put it in a file for her, but only did few pages.  

I hardly have any time to breath, let alone to update this blog.  I wanted to do so much, to write, to do some handcrafts but there's just so much time in a day.  

I am sleep deprived, still trying to get my girl to sleep earlier (she is following my time, which is not good at all), trying to teach her so many things, Sahaj wise, motor skills, trying new food, etc, etc.  

Meanwhile at work, due to incompetent staff, I ended up doing their work than doing my own work, which means there's no time left for my own work and it has been backlog.  Everyday, I have to work till 7pm?  I hardly have time to spend with my girl and she is having separation anxiety.

Anyway, will update as and when I can.