Updated: Long Term Social Visit Pass 2017/2018

Hello readers!  It's the time of the year again to update how the process went.  This year, I must truly compliment the Imigresen officers.  They were super efficient although arrogance is still there (I guess it's the culture in all Government Department offices).  But if you don't want to fight with them, but just accept and said yes yes, ok ok, then it's not that bad.

If you missed my last year's application, click here.  

Compared to my experience last year, it was a breeze this year.  I am not sure if they improved because I wrote about it (hehe, being very perasan here) or someone complained or something else.

Anyway, I can see there is vast improvement compared to last year although they should still learn how to communicate.  Smile is there, but really need to talk nicely.

Because of our last year's horror, we decided that this year we won't go so early.  Because I reckon we still be spending the whole day there anyway, so might as well leave later.

We reached at around 9.10am.  No queue and took number - 2042.  The officer at the Number Counter asked if we brought baby along.  I replied no and asked if we should bring her?  Who knows whether the rules is that they need to see a physical child?  She said no, just asking.  But later I found out that if you bring a kid, they will give you a fast track number.  This is an enhancement from last year and it's definitely something new.

Within 30 minutes, our number was called.  We submitted all the relevant documents.  Officer at Counter 12 was friendly.  She complimented my girl's name.  Guess it's part of KPI to make small talk.  Kudos for that.  Then after inspecting the documents, found that the Commissioner of Oath stamp that I went and did at SS2 was invalid.  Oh no!  Not another boo boo.

So I asked her, how come every single year, I have been using the same Commissioner of Oath and yet all my applications were approved and documents accepted?  Her replied was that the previous year's officers were not aware of this and probably missed it.  OK, fair enough, human error.  I said ok, I was just curious and asked.  But she was defensive and said, if I don't want to redo, she can still submit but will get rejected.  Hmmm....I think there are nicer ways to deal with this.  I am not even being pushy and insisting her to go ahead with it.  I was willing to make a new one.  So, there's no need to be defensive.  Suddenly I found that her initial small talk and smile and good morning is all part of KPI and that she was reluctantly doing.

So I was told that they will only accept the stamp of Commissioner of Oath at Counter 2 (if it is open) or Mahkamah only.  Unfortunately for us, Counter 2 was closed for the day.  And fortunately, Mahkamah was just walking distance, about 5-10 minutes walk.

So both of us, hand-in-hand courted and dated and walked to the Mahkamah while laughing at this.  Every.Single.Year.  Without fail there will always be some new things, even though I did and follow through the same procedure from previous years.  But always something new.  Such an adventure.  Husband was enjoying it saying we hardly have such times now to walk hand-in-hand.  Either one of us will be pushing a stroller or carrying baby.

It was our first time to Mahkamah and was indeed an eye opener for me.  Felt like a tourist.  So, paid RM4 to get our stamp and it was much cheaper than the one I did earlier which I paid RM10.

Walked back and went back the same counter, no need to take a new number.  Re-submitted and this time she accepted.  Phew!  

So I started watching K-drama on my phone.  Thanks to Maxis who upgraded my data plan to 10GB, I can happily watch K-drama without worrying about data.  

Best is to sit right where you can view the automated numbering system display and put on the ear phone and watch the drama.  I find that it decreases all the noise, children crying, people talking loudly, and so on and just can hear the number called.  Every now and then I just need to look up from my screen to the display to check my number.

By 11am, our number was called again.  This time to pay.  I was disappointed because we paid the same amount last year.  Meaning that the duration is the same again, i.e 1 year.

By 11.30am, our number was called again.  This time is to collect the passport and I noticed that the work endorsement is not there.  So I asked the officer at the Counter 1 that "I ada buat itu work endorsement tapi tak ada dalam pasport".  Again he was defensive and replied, "Bukan you buat, itu kerja Imigresen.  You mohon sahaja."  OK, OK I get it.  My BM is not 100% accurate.  So, forgive me, Tuan.

By 12pm, our number was called again and this time to collect the passport with the work endorsement.  Wow, this year we were able to leave before lunch!!!  That's a vast improvement from last year.

So, I must really compliment the officers at Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Putrajaya.  Thank you for being so efficient and please do keep up with the good work.  My 2 cents, you don't have to enforce the "You must smile at customer" kind of service, but do have a better way to talk.  Being strict is one thing.  Being arrogant is another.  Know the difference.  And there is definitely no need to be defensive.  I understand some customers are really tough to deal with, but I am not one of those.

So, in the end, we are still on 1 year visa and 1 year work endorsement.  No changes made.  So, that rumour saying that I need to have a kid and live here for 5 years is not true at all.  Now people are telling me that if you live here for 10 years, then only they will start giving 5 years.  So, looks like I have to wait for another 5 years and meantime have to continue this annually.  But if the process is this fast, I don't mind doing this annually.  Really.

And next year, here's my plan.  No need to take leave to just go and get the forms.  Truly not necessary.  You can collect the forms and fill it up and do the commissioner of oath all on the same day.  Just make sure you bring along photos and the stamped contract.  And if I want to get a fast track, I just bring my kid along.  But without also that fast, so it's ok.  Kid can stay at home.

This year experience was so much more pleasant.