Hungry Ghost Festival

Every year, the Chinese would celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival, which falls on the 14th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar.  What they do is offer food and do some prayers to appease the ghosts in the hope that these negativities doesn't disturb the living.  

According to the Chinese beliefs, the Hell gates open on the 1st day of the 7th lunar month.  For the whole of the 7th lunar month, prayers and food and nowadays performances would be offered to appease them.

Nowadays, the organisers would set up a huge tent, a performing stage, tables and chairs and a huge, gigantic altar and organise some dinner or sorts in several housing estates to do this prayer.  On the 1st day of the 7th lunar month, the performers would start performing but to an empty audience.  The living would keep away because that day is set for the ghosts to watch.  Sounds eery, no?

What I cannot comprehend is the way the performers are dressed and the music when they performed.  It's way too sexy and the music would be blasting away, so loud until I can hear it while footsoaking although it's located like 5km away.

And being in Sahaj, I cannot understand the need of the festival.  Why are we praying to them instead of God?  The more powers we give them, the more powerful they become, no?

Believe it or not, these negativity are very strong during these times.  Whether they are appeased or not, they are there because we give them even more power.  And they come and affect us.  Not like possession or sorts but they affect our emotions, moods and our beings.  

Yesterday, a few colleagues in the same department fought with each other, not physically but with words.  Colleagues whom have been eating lunch together for months.  Colleagues whom have been working together for years.  And words were thrown, anger, phone slamming, shouting, you name it.

To me, it's the work of bhoots.  Negativity affecting their moods and mind.  But they don't know.  Now ties are severed and communication is breaking down.  Is it worth it?  All because of some ego play?  And the bhoots probably having a wild time playing and watching this unfold.

On the same day, as I reached home, I can sense something is not right in the air.  As I walked into the house, my head was pounding away, a sign that catches are there.  Sure enough, everyone was in a bad mood and felt as though a time bomb is going to explode anytime.

As yogis, I feel we need to be aware of such things and keep our attention on Sahasrara to prevent these bhoots from entering us or disturbing us.  Because non-yogis are not aware.  

Why anger spreads?  Why is people becoming more unhappy?  Depressed?  It's all related.  It may not be the negativity of the Hungry Ghost Festival.  But negativity is everywhere and affecting everyone.

As yogis, we need to keep the situation under control.  I almost lost it when I entered my house and the bad mood started to affect me as well and baby was screaming away and everyone was walking on eggshells.  Then just as quickly my mood was going to burst, I managed to catch hold of my mouth before it open and start purging out words that cannot be taken back.  I took a deep breath and recognised that I didn't manage to do a proper morning meditation that day.  Then I start to become aware that my husband who has been in the house the whole day, has been affected or 'infected' by the negativity.  He looks worn out and was also on the verge of bursting.  

I did a quick pray in my heart and hope I can be the Shakti to keep the peace at home.  And slowly can feel the mood settling.  Baby slept off after a crying fit and the whole household became calmer.  They began to talk with respect and not with sarcasm.  

And quietly when it's only me and my husband alone, I asked him what happened.  I told him what happened at work and I feel the same thing is happening at home.  Then I heard his side of the story and became aware that he is being put in a tight situation and told him we must clear ourselves and shoebeat.  Probably have to start matka pot soon too before things get out of hand.  Looking after a baby can be difficult and burnout.  And now that she has started crawling and holding things to stand up, it gets even tougher.  When our energy level is low, if we are not careful, negativity would find a way to attack us.

Non-yogis won't know what to do but as yogis, we are responsible for our vibrations.  When our vibrations improve, so does the surrounding and the ambiance would also feel better.  It's not easy to keep our attention on Sahasrara all the time or to be alert and aware and witness and not react.  I tried these few things.

1. Bring a lime to work everyday.
2. Be sure to meditate every morning, even if it is only for 5 minutes.  Proper meditation with thoughtless awareness.
3. Listen to bhajans at work.  My company allow us to use the earphones while working.
4. Listen to Shri Mataji's talk at work.  This is a little more challenging because you want to pay 100% attention on Her speech and not just by-the-way listening.  
5. Read Shri Mataji's transcript online.  This is something that I would do if I don't have much work to do.  Reading the transcript takes time and can take about 1 hour to 2.
6. Watch Shri Mataji's speech on YouTube.  I would watch do when I have time during lunch break or during one of my pumping session.

Doing these help to keep my mind in peace and understand and recognise the moods and most important is stop myself from reacting.

Hopefully my vibrations can help to ease the hostility in the office.