Missing in action

I have been missing for 3 months now.  Busy with a newborn.  Life with a newborn is not the same anymore.  Seriously.

As a new mother, no words can describe the challenges in life.  Day by day, all I can do is just look at this huge poster that is hung on the wall near by bed.  It is written in huge words, "SURRENDER".  Because in the end, I really can't do much.  

While I love my new role, there are sure many difficult times.  Now I am facing some major breastfeeding challenges.  If anyone knows how to increase milk supply naturally, please feel free to comment.  I have tried fenugreek, cumin seeds, adjwain seeds, oats, semolina and pumping more.  Nothing seems to work.  Feeling rather dejected having to mix with some formula.

Anyway, am back to work already.  Missing the little one lots more.  Not sure how often I can spend on this blog as I spend more time on the other blog about motherhood.  When I find a balance, I will be back to share the experiences.  Till then.