First post in 2016

I just realised that I haven't posted anything in 2016 yet.  So here's the first post.  Happy New Year everyone!  May this year 2016 brings forth lots of joy, love, happiness and spiritual growth.

As for me, I am waiting for delivery.  Lots of anxiety and all that since it's my very first time.  But I do believe she will come when she is ready and when God decide it's time.

Besides that, can't think of anything else.  Wanted to comment about the recent posts in FB about protocols, like questioning why water is there, why cutlery is there, why this, why that, etc.  I was a little annoyed by it and wanted so much to comment, but why add on to the confusion?  It's not like they will accept what I said freely.

I just want to say is although all these protocols were not written anywhere (or maybe there is but I don't know where).  If you have the utmost respect for Shri Mataji, then you do it from your heart.  Check vibrations if it is the right thing to do.  

I have gone to collectives where they don't know the protocols and didn't follow but yet the vibrations were so amazing.  God is all forgiving and compassionate.  

I have also seen collectives who knew the protocols but forgotten to follow or missed out a step and then disaster strikes, like sudden fire or no electricity, etc.  Even if God is forgiving, the other deities may not be so.

Throughout the 25 years in Sahaja Yoga, we learned protocols through word of mouth, through actions, through experience.

I remembered there were times where stainless steel was used instead of silverware because the yogis could not differentiate between them.  Or times when the decorations outdo the cleanliness of the photo and altar.  Or prasad was forgotten to be offered, etc.  Or attention was on other things instead  of on puja and Shri Mataji.  We survived.  We asked for forgiveness.  We learned from mistakes.  Whether right or wrong, I don't know.

I have also attended pujas where it has the most simple decorations and minimal prasad and yet the vibrations were tremendous.  And also pujas that were so grand and pompous but with minimal vibrations.

The last time Shri Mataji was in Malaysia was in the late 90s.  We didn't have international pujas or gatherings when She was here.  So, throughout the years, we only perform puja in Her Nirakar form.  We have never booked a hotel room to make it look like Shri Mataji's room.  We didn't prepare tea as if She was physically around.

But nowadays, especially since Her physical departure, yogis are doing things that I don't feel comfortable watching.  Example like, why do they have to bring another photo to replace the altar photo at the start of a puja?  Why is there a procession with Her charan and Her photo on a sedan chair before a puja?  It hurts especially when during the exchange of photos, the one that was already on the altar was brutally handled to place the new photo.  Is this really necessary?  Shri Mataji is already there.  No need to change photos to prove She is there.  Why can't people make sense of this?

I remembered my last puja with Her physical form, in Cabella 2010.  I was given the opportunity to offer a yuva shakti gift from Malaysia.  The moment She left, I cried buckets while kneeling near Her toilet.  All the surrounding yogis thought I was possessed or disturbed or what.  But in fact, I was so upset.  Not because She was leaving, but because the yogis have no respect for Her.

There were many, many yogis who were pushing each other just to have a glance of Shri Mataji.  There were a lot of yogis who took up their phones and start snapping with flashes on Shri Mataji.  The crowd have no respect for any yogis.  Some Indian so-called 'dignitaries' insisted on being near to Her and refused to move and let others have a chance, despite the amount of people crowding.

They stepped on you, they pushed you, they don't care if you are a girl.  All they want was to be on stage to be near to Shri Mataji.  It hurts me like crazy watching them treating Shri Mataji with so much of disrespect.  Even when She was leaving in Her wheelchair to the car.  The yogis who were guiding Her have to shout at other yogis to stop shoving, to stop pushing, to stand back, to stop taking photographs.  Now tell me, where are the protocols?

It hurts me even now, thinking back all that had happened.  And who would have known, 6 months later, She would have left Her physical form forever?  That was the last image of Shri Mataji's physical form for me.  And it wasn't pleasant.

If we love Her, then do things from our heart.  But our hearts have to be clean.  If you have a bad heart, you would think everything you do is right.  If you think pushing and shoving and all that is love, then I don't know what to say.  Always check vibrations.

The first post of 2016 should be a happy post.  Not a crying post.  Not a sad post.  So, please do things from the heart.  If you want to try something new, check vibrations.  I believe the kundalini, the divine energy, the vibrations, the surrounding deities will guide us as to what is right and wrong.  Like maryadas.  


anonymous said…
You mentioned that Shri Mataji did not have any puja when she was in Malaysia. When She visited Malaysia in 1983 she gave a puja for the locals and foreigners accompanying her. Here is a link to some photos of the event:
Yen said…
If you read the post properly, I didn't say Shri Mataji did not have any puja when She was in Malaysia. Read again. I said the last time She was in Malaysia was in the 90s. She was here in the 80s and 90s and then that's it.