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For a PRC - How to drive in Malaysia (Part 2)

As mentioned in Part 1, why I do not encourage to drive illegally in Malaysia, especially for a foreign spouse, is because your stay in Malaysia is dependent on your LTSVP.  You do not want to jeopardise your visa application and your stay in Malaysia and also the risk of being deported (worst case scenario).  Just follow the rules, no matter how difficult it is.

Continuation from Option 2

As per JPJ website, China is one of the countries that can automatically convert the license to Malaysian license due to a two-way agreement with Malaysia.  By automatic, I assumed that you don't need to sit for the theory and practical test again.

We found that we need at least valid visa of 3 months in order to apply for this license.  But because the LTSVP was expiring in 2 months time, we have to renew the LTSVP first, then to JPJ.

Step 5: First go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia in Putrajaya to get an endorsement.  The process is very fast and cost RM15.

Step 6: Then head to Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Padang Jawa.  I repeat it's PADANG JAWA, not PJ.  We found this out after dropping by at JPJ PJ and was told to go to JPJ Padang Jawa instead.  Before you make the trip to JPJ, ensure the following documents are in order (both original and photocopy):

Required Documents
  1. MyKad or Passport.
  2. Visa –Valid for no less than 3 months.
  3. Valid foreign driving license.
  4. Translation letter for driving license (if the foreign driving license is not in English).
  5. Endorsement from embassy of country of origin or endorsement from the licensing authority. (Embassy means the embassy of the license' country of origin located in Malaysia, or other country nearest to Malaysia).
  6. Colour photo (25mm×35mm).
  7. Completed Form JPJ L1
  8. Additional documents if required.

Have a look at the translated document and all its endorsement.  The one from Malaysia Foreign Affairs doesn't make much sense to me though.

And you are done.  YUP!  Hubby finally got his Malaysian driving license after all the hoos-haas.

Here is our experience on what happened on the day of the application.

We took a day off and went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia at Putrajaya first thing in the morning.  This place is easy to find on Waze and you get lots of parking space.  The only thing is you have to leave your IC or passport in order to get a visitor pass to enter.  They are pretty strict that way.

Once you go in and get a number, your turn is very fast.  After passing the document that needed to be endorse to the counter, we were told to sit back and wait.  The wait was like 30 minutes or even shorter and then we were out from there.  The whole process was very fast and efficient and I wish it was the same for the LTSVP.

We headed to JPJ PJ and after we parked and went in, we were told that we need to go to JPJ Padang Jawa to do this as JPJ PJ cannot do it.  Oh dear.  That's in Shah Alam.  The time was around 11.30am by the time we reached JPJ PJ and they close for lunch at 1pm.  So we thought we go to A&W to have a quick lunch before heading to our next destination.

After lunch, we found the timing is a bit off.  It's now 12pm and by the time we reach Padang Jawa, they probably close for lunch.  So, I thought to detour to Kota Damansara to collect a parcel that was undelivered.  By that time, it was close to 1pm and we thought it's really not a good time to go Padang Jawa now.  So, we headed to TTDI to Fabulous Mom to buy baby's stuff.

We overspent some time over here and by the time we left, it was already 2pm.  We reached Padang Jawa about 2.40pm and after making some rounds to find parking, we found it and parked and immediately headed to the respective department.

Here's our number:

I got a shock too when I saw it too.  218 people waiting.  We were like, what???!!!  I must say the department where we went was totally no air-cond.  I pity the staff working there as they were using only fan.  We were just sitting there, crowded and sweaty.  But we were really lucky to get our number despite going in the afternoon.  The last number was like 1850 or something.  Phew!

One thing good about this place is that the number move ever so fast.  We waited like 1.5 hours and then it was our turn.  After we submitted everything, we were told that we can get maximum 5 years license and that cost about RM197++ and we could get the license on the same day.  Imagine our delight when we heard it.

Even if his LTSVP is only 1 year, at least he gets 5 years license.  Phew!!!!  That means we don't have to repeat this process every single year.

We left about 5pm when it was raining heavily.  But really happy inside that he got 5 years license after all the trouble.

Our journey for that day, from Putrajaya to Petaling Jaya to Kota Damansara to Taman Tun Dr Ismail to Shah Alam was truly worth it.  In the end, we got the parcel, we got baby stuff that I have always been waiting to buy and 5 years license!!! Yay!

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