Just my opinions

Please bear in mind that this is entirely my own opinion.  You may agree or disagree with me.

Shri Mataji's photograph in its original form has very good vibrations.  But I feel if it is photoshopped and edited, it loses the vibrations.  In fact, I feel it is disrespectful to Shri Mataji.  Recently there are many of these edited photos came about.  Some superimposed Shri Mataji behind a window, as if Shri Mataji appear in person in that house.  Some created fake vibrations over Shri Mataji's photo to show that it is a miracle photo.

I am not a professional photographer but I can recognise a true photo anytime.  Some even took blurred photos and claimed to be miracle photos.  I get really annoyed at that.  

First off, miracle photo is not easy to capture nowadays.  Even at pujas, where the vibrations are heavenly, you may or may not get a miracle photo.  Second, with digital cameras and smartphones nowadays, it's very easy to capture any pictures, anytime, any day.  Now try capturing a photo with a candle burning and move your hands as you click snap.  You will see trail of lights.  It is not a miracle photo but a blur photo.  

Some are genuine.  So you really must judge using vibrations and not your eyes.

Being grateful
Is it so difficult to be grateful nowadays?  I used to be like that and I find it very difficult to be happy most of the time unless and until I have achieved some things or some heights that I have aimed.  

Is it so difficult to be grateful that someone else took the effort to do something?  So much of comments that follow afterwards that makes me really annoyed.  I did it voluntarily and although I didn't expect compliments, I didn't expect complains either.  So, please be happy and grateful that someone has taken the time and effort to do it and bear in mind that none of you took it up when help was asked.

Being honest
Is it so difficult to be honest?  Honesty in our country is a joke now.  If you don't know what I mean, go to Facebook and you will see what the fellow Malaysians are posting.  I seriously feel we need Divine intervention and pray hard that Shri Mataji can expose these crooks and culprits and let truth prevails.  Please let our Malaysians live a peaceful and happy life.  Please let the money used for the public benefit and not someone else's pocket.  Please don't let us become like Greece.  Please save us from all these greedy people.

Just my two cents on current situation in my life.