A short trip to Singapore

Last weekend, hubby and I took a short trip to Singapore.  It was the first trip for him and the first trip for us to travel together, on our own overseas.  Yes, we have not travel just the two of us together overseas since married.

I didn't take much photos, just because I am too lazy.  We stayed at a yogini's apartment and had a great time at her place.  Here's the view from her apartment:

Beautiful isn't it?  She lives near the sea, about 10-15 minutes walk to the beach.  Since it's near the sea, it's also very breezy.  

The main purpose for the Singapore trip is to support the Singapore collective with their public program.  But that was only for 1 day.  So what did we do for the rest of our time there?

Friday, 29 May 2015
We arrived at Singapore at about 2pm.  The yogi sister's place is only 15 minutes drive from the airport.  We had nice home-cooked lunch and then after we rested for a while, we left her apartment at about 8pm to the Night Safari.  Prior to that, we went to the sea and did a quick footsoak.

The 45 minutes tram ride was very fun.  But here's a tip for you guys who plan to make a trip there.  Do get a seat at the front of the tram, not the back like we did.  Coz the tour guide will explain about the animals the moment they reach the animals habitat but by the time the back seated people see the animals, the tour guide was talking about something else.  So, there was like a few minutes delayed.

The fire eating show was not as good as the one in Lost World of Tambun.  Really.

Here's another tip:  Buy your e-ticket online.  You get 10% discount when you use your credit card.  It's also easier as you don't need to queue for the tix.

It was pretty crowded this time and I am not sure if it's because it was a long weekend in Singapore and also school break started. 

How to get there:  Best is go in a taxi.  Pricey but shortest time.  Don't worry about getting cabs back or you are worried if it's too late.  Coz there were many, many taxis.  

Saturday, 30 May 2015
We went to the sea again for a quick footsoak before we left for River Safari.  Just next to Night Safari.  In my opinion, River Safari is not as fun as Night Safari.  But seeing the pandas was a great reward.

There were more people going to Singapore Zoo instead of River Safari.

Besides the underwater animals and the river cruise, really there was nothing else attractive.  Along the river cruise, you get to see some of the Night Safari animals.

There was also the Amazon River Cruise which hubby took with another yogi.  According to him, most animals went hiding.

Sunday, 31 May 2015
We didn't plan anything today.  We just rested before the Self-Realisation Program in the evening because there were 2 sessions.

Monday, 1 June 2015
Our last day in Singapore.  We decided to go to Universal Studio.  I was really looking forward for the tram ride that takes us to the different movie sets with special effects and such, like the one I went to in LA.  But they don't have it in Singapore.  Big disappointment for me.

What they have are many rides, 3D, 4D special effects, etc and roller coasters.  There were also a few shows, here and there.  Catch some characters live.  I enjoyed the Waterworld live show the best.  It was really good.

Tips for Universal Studio in Singapore:
If you are not going with kids, go for all the rides if you dare.  For kids, there are some Sesame Street show which we missed.  Waterworld live show is on at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.  Have lunch at the nearby food court and then come at 1pm.  It's really a show not to be missed.  If you want to get wet, sit at the blue zone.  If you want just some water on you, sit in the green zone.  Otherwise if you want to be dry, red zone it is.

Bring an umbrella or a hat.  It can get pretty hot in the afternoon.  I got nicely sunburn.  

If you are not into rides, just a walk around the studio is about 3-4 hours.  But you are gonna waste coz the attraction is on the rides.  

If you like retro, catch the live show by the waiters.  See the photos above.  I forgot the name and time.  Just caught it on time.  They sang very nice oldies which I loved.

You may get wet on some rides.  And the toilets have no shower facilities.  So, do get a change of clothes.

Try going on a weekday, non-school break and non-long weekend.  Unfortunately, we went during a long weekend and a long school break for Singaporeans and also was public holiday.  Crazy queues and massive crowds.

That's it.

If you plan to go to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, bear in mind that PRC needs a Singapore visa, which can be applied easily by PR or residents in Singapore online.  Yeah, we didn't need to go anywhere or do anything about it.

If you plan to fly, try Malindo Air.  Lots of leg room, free 20kg check-in bag and cheaper than Air Asia.  But I calculated the time spent from going to the airport and waiting for our luggage and all.  Compared to another yogi sister who travelled with her family via bus, it was about the same time.  Really.

You see, we need to be at the airport early for check-in.  And they left the same time we did.  We arrived at the same time.  And when we came back, we left earlier due to check-in time again.  They left later and arrived home at 12.30am.  While we arrived at 8.40pm, waited an hour for the luggage to come out and reached home at 11pm.  So, although the bus journey is longer, but if you calculate the travel time from home to destination, it's about the same.  So, it might be easier to go by bus.  And cheaper too.  But I heard the wait at immigration can be a bit crazy compared to the airport.

I have only praises for Singapore.  I love the efficiency.  I love how organised everything was.  I love how peaceful the country is.  The taxi drivers are very friendly and polite.  Even the immigration officers are smiling all the time and polite.  The public toilets are extremely clean and dry.  In fact, everywhere is clean.  The taxis are clean and comfortable.  How nice if all the other countries follow suit.

Oh well, we have a great time.