The one that I am currently wearing was gifted to me by Shri Mataji during our Sahaj weddings in Cabella.  

It's made of some kind of metal and was gold in color when I first got it but now it has turned bronze.  The original had red stones on it but eventually one after another fell and I replaced it with crystals, which also fell and now it's blank.

No matter how, I am in love with my mangalsutra.  I feel so protected when wearing and feels the shakti power active in me.  

But I need to have a replacement soon because the current one is looking very sad.  The color has become dull and the holes where the stones were once placed has remain as holes.

I have been looking all over the place in Malaysia to get a new one.  I know in India we can find it easily.  But I need to go to India for that.

Here are some I have in mind:

As you can see, I prefer the traditional design.  My mangalsutra is a Marathi design with 2 vatis as pendant.

Unfortunately, the Indian jewelers in Malaysia are mostly from Tamil Nadu and so the design they have are basically more for the Tamilians, i.e Thali.

There are actually few options:

1. Use back the original black beads and convert to gold chain.  But a Chinese goldsmith told me the task is not easy as the gold used to join the beads has to be very thin and intricate.  Only Indian goldsmiths has the technique.  But he said better to buy the whole thing as new.

2. Buy the necklace only and make a new pendant.  The black beads necklaces can be found here in Malaysia.  But not the pendant.  I have asked an Indian goldsmith if he can customize one for me and he said it can be done.  Well, the cost may be too pricey.

3. Fly to India.  This will probably be the best option as I will get abundant of choices.  But right now we don't have the luxury of time to go.

4. Try to look in Singapore.  We are flying to Singapore soon.  Hopefully we can find one nice traditional mangalsutra.

What I am looking for is:

  • double strand black beads chain in gold
  • double vati with no design in front
That's it!  I don't need diamonds on it or designs which are so intricate and expensive.  Just a simple one made in gold will do.

Here's Shri Mataji's mangalsutra which is now exhibited in Pratisthan (if not mistaken):

Many Sahaj sisters have theirs bought in India by their husband.  Some are so dainty and beautiful.  

I really desire to get a new one soon before this one breaks.


Hai saw similar in smith
Thirupati gold smith