Renewing Malaysian passport 2015

First of all, I must praise all Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia's staff at Kelana Jaya branch.  Good service with a smile and super efficient.  Thank you very much!

This morning we left the house at 7am.  Plaza Glomac is not very far from our house.  We reached at 7.30am and found there was already a queue.  Hubby quickly went to queue while I went to park the car.  There were plenty of parking spaces and within walking distance.

The JIM office at Kelana Jaya branch is very, very small.  There are only 10 counters, Counter 4-5 serves only senior citizens and children while Counter 6-10 was for the rest of us.  Counter 1 and 2 were for collection of passport while Counter 3 is cashier.

When the doors open at 7.30am sharp, the security guard will pass you the application form which is half of an A4 paper.  The info required is just Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, IC no, Sex and marital status.  He then informed us to fill it up and get ready with the IC.  Upon reaching the number counter, the officer checked our IC to see if we are seniors or not and gave the number accordingly.  I was number 18.  Not too bad right?  Maybe it's a week day.

When my number was called, I handed over my old passport, IC and the form.  The officer would then ask you to face the camera, a device which is fixed at the side of each cubicle.  A word of reminder, please wear dark clothes.  If not, they will ask you to wear one of their coats hanging on the rack.  

I was instucted to remove my glasses before photo was taken.  Hair must be behind ears and does not cover the forehead.  Also, hair should not be messy.  I was at Counter 10 and there was a small mirror for me to check myself.  Other counters no mirror.

Once photo is taken, officer will ask you to check if it's ok.  Then digitally verify your left and right thumb print and then sign on a printed form and put right thumb print in ink.  And that was it.

In another 15 minutes, number was called again to pay.  Currently there is a discount.  5 years is RM200 for adults while senior and children is RM100.

The whole process from queuing to payment only takes 30 minutes.

Upon payment a receipt will be issue and you will be told to come back in an hour's time to collect.

Take this time to have a hearty breakfast and when an hour is up, pass the receipt to the officer at Counter 1 or 2.  Your name will be called and new passport will be given to you.  That's it!  Whole process was 1.5 hours.  Parking was RM3.20.

Here is what you need to prepare prior to the visit to JIM:

1. Old passport
3. RM200
4. Wear dark clothes and ensure hair is neat.

Very efficient and very good service.  Well done!