Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze

A month ago, I fell pretty sick.  It started suddenly with a sneeze and then follow by 100 sneezes and then thousands.  I couldn't do anything.  Any movement will trigger a sneeze and I can't seem to stop it.  

Due to the massive sneezing, the mucous went into the throat and started a throat infection and then fever came.  This time it was different from other flu that I had.  This time I felt it was very severe as I could not move and cannot have any stress.  Any stress or movement will trigger more sneezes and then cough.

Went to get traditional chinese medicine (TCM) and the sinseh said my body is too hot.  Told me to stop all supplements immediately.

The TCM was very good.  Almost immediately, the sneezing stop.  I was also able to spit out lots of phlegm.  

But what lingers on was the cough.  It has gone down to the chest.  I do have a history of bronchitis cough when I was small.  And since then, each time I have a flu, it was very difficult to get rid of the cough.

The cough gets worse in these situations:

- Hug someone with a very bad heart catch
- Spend time and near someone with a very bad heart catch
- In an environment with a very bad heart catch
- When clearing takes place
- In an air-conditioned and dry room
- Anger, anxious, tension, worried
- Stress
- Chocolates, cold drinks

Also, I noticed if I start thinking a lot, then the sneeze would join in too.  

The cough gets better in these situations:

- Hubby to clear my heart with his hand on my back and massage lightly
- Sleep under fan and not air-conditioned
- Massage chest, throat and back with tiger balm
- Keep on clearing the heart chakra, left, right, centre
- Ice pack on the liver

Looks like it's a clear sign that stress plays a major part in my life and I am very poor at managing it.  

A good friend told me that all it takes is to be happy.  But where is the happy button?