My Year in Review

Ah...It's the time of the year again, to reflect and to reminisce.  Facebook offers to do my year in review using my FB photos but since I was very passive this year, there was hardly anything on FB.

So, here's my year in review:

Made a mistake and started the year badly.  As a result, it was difficult to turn the bad to good.  Throughout the year, it was just bad.  But it could be my attitude towards the whole thing too.  So the whole year was reflecting upon the mistakes I made.  Introspected and found ego is still very strong, liver has been overheated to the max, angry most of the time, health not that great, saying the things I should not and not saying the things I should, etc.

But, here's the good things in life:
Chinese New Year!

 My rose plant gave me 3 beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day.

Celebrated Shri Mataji's birthday


Went to Cameron Highlands and Ipoh with da family.




 Made some rakhis and went to Melaka for puja.

And received lovely presents from the brothers.

Learnt to make some Shri Ganeshas with clay

Celebrated Moon Cake Festivals with da family.

Went to Sahaja Yogis wedding in Seremban and spend lots of time with da nephew.

Went for training at Bandar Enstek.

Successfully made a lovely and delicious butter cake with icing.


And finally, went to Penang for Christmas puja and National seminar and had a very relaxing and fun time, at the beautiful and clean beach and witnessed little Ganeshas being created.  

And for 2015, I vowed to start the year right this time and to be grateful for all the little things in life.  Year 2014 has been a year of local travels.  Hopefully we can make it to India in 2015.