Long term social visit pass and work endorsement again

Update @ 30 June 2015: Please read this first before proceeding.

Disclaimer : All the blog posts on long term social visit pass (LTSVP) are made for couples who are genuinely married and married for love and not for money.

This time at immigration while waiting for the renewal of the LTSVP, I have overheard a conversation.  Two couples were talking to each other.  Both men are Malaysian while the women are PRC.  Apparently immigration visited one of the couple and at that time, they were not at home but the person at home thought it was debt collector and said she didn't know these couple.  Because of that, it has affected their LTSVP application on the number of years given or something like that.

Both couples insisted that their marriage is genuine and it was unfair for immigration to treat them like they are not.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to digress.

First off, there are way too many fake marriages, be it in Malaysia or other countries, just to get that country citizenship.  How do you determine a genuine marriage from a fake?  How do you tell the officer that it's love?  Really?  When the man is ugly and old but probably rich and the woman is young and pretty and sexy.

Secondly, people who are PRC has very bad reputation all around the world.  From being rude to unhygienic, from being a home-wrecker to being inconsiderate.  This still baffles me a lot.  And I don't know where it all begin.  From home?  From upbringing?  

Ever since I married a PRC, every single comment about a PRC hurts me too.  And I kept on wondering, is there anything I can do to make a difference?  My husband is a great guy.  He doesn't spit.  He doesn't swear.  He is very quiet and gentle and loving and patient.  And all the yogis that I met are very good people, who are considerate and loving and caring.

But I have heard stories of PRC doing big business in public places.  Or the richer ones will hurt others and then said they have lots of money to compensate.  Or PRC women who broke families.  My own uncle divorced his wife and left his 4 kids to be with a PRC woman.

So, how do you expect immigration not to suspect you?  

And the worst was when at immigration, I saw so many couples, the Malaysian guy is very old, like 50s-60s while the PRC woman is very young, say 20s-30s.  Genuine marriage?  Really?  For love?  Or for money?  Seriously?

And this time I saw some very disgusting behaviour while waiting.  A PRC woman puts her hand inside her husband's shirt and squeeze his chest.  In public.  It makes you wonder right?  I didn't even want to look at them at first, but when I saw that the man's chest was moving from behind the shirt, I thought a spider has crawled up and alerted my attention.  

And a PRC woman smoked in the cafeteria which is an air-conditioned area.  Come on, this is Malaysia, not China where you can smoke anywhere.

OK, sorry for digressing.  All these has impaired the chances for those who are genuinely seeking for LTSVP, who are married for love and hope to stay together for the rest of their lives.  I am not saying all PRCs are like that, unfortunately, the impression given is so.

So back to the topic of LTSVP.

I don't have much to add on for LTSVP, but for work endorsement, here's some tips for you.  Please don't repeat the same mistakes I made.

1. Stamp Duty
Although it was stated in the checklist that a stamp duty for renewal is not required, here's the mistake I made.

When I applied the work endorsement for the first year, I submitted the original contract with the stamping to immigration without making a photocopy.  My bad.  

So when it comes to the renewal, I thought I can just do an extension of contract and submit together with the first contract without stamping,  NOPE!!!

So, I made a new contract and went to LHDN to do the stamping again.

So, please do remember to keep the original contract with you and submit only the photocopy.

2. Contract of employment
Since I was making a new contract because of No.1, I thought might as well change his position and salary to reflect his current state.  WRONG MOVE!!!

The immigration officer said that since it's a new position and different from the first application, this is considered a new application and not a renewal and told me to come back in 7 working days to collect it, like the first time.

But thank God, the immigration officer was very compassionate to our plight as we waited for 5 hours for this, and gave us the work endorsement there and then.

3. Letter of verification from employer
For all renewal, please submit a letter of verification.  Every single time you renew.

So there you have it.  I have still yet to apply the LTSVP together with the work endorsement.  So, really hope that in 2015, we will be able to get more years, instead of 1 year and this time will be more prepared.  

I just need to remind myself to read my old blog posts before going to immigration.