This morning, I saw 2 men riding their bicycles.  One for sports, the other for work.  One for leisure, the other for need.  

The first guy have all his gears on, i.e helmet, knee brace, bottled water.  The second guy on a rusty bike with an empty basket.

I may be wrong.  The first guy may be doing it for work, say if he is an athlete.  He looks like a professional cyclist with a colourful bike.

The second guy is really doing it for necessity.  A foreign worker going to work.

I don't know why these 2 men attracted my attention this morning.  

I don't know these men.  The second guy with a rusty bike may be very satisfied with his current life while the first guy may be frustrated that he couldn't achieve his goals.  I really don't know.

Well, honestly, the first impression was the first guy is filthy rich that his bike may costs ten thousands or more and he is just exercising to avoid a sedentary lifestyle sitting in the office while the second guy is poor that he can't even afford proper food and his bike is his only transport.

We are judgmental whether we want to admit it or not.  It's "We come, We see, We judge."  Some may argue that this is what is being taught in school, to be critical, to pass comments, to be vocal.

"That girl is pretty."
"That child is fat."
"That boy is short."
"That guy is ugly."

After Sahaj, it is:

"The guy has very bad vibes."
"I can feel your catches."
"Please clear your Agnya.  Giving me a headache."
"That person no longer comes to collective.  Bad yogi."

We can judge everyone in the world except ourselves.  The thing is, we never know that person's life and history.  Why judge a book by its cover?  Sometimes some people are angry and aggressive, but if you take a deeper look at their life, suddenly you find that they have a family member who was an abuser and it has affected them badly.

Before we pass any comments, let's walk in their shoes.  Some people may not want to talk about their life and problems.  Some people may not want others to find out their history.  

If you want to help someone, you can tell them nicely.  "I feel you have a catch at this chakra.  Is something happening?"  Or "Would you like me to help you to clear?  Seems your heart is a little heavy."

Instead of "You better clear this chakra." Or "No wonder that person is like that.  He didn't footsoak properly."

Madhuri, speak with sweetness.  

Love everyone with compassion.

Sometimes I find that the person who seldom goes to collective have better vibrations than those who goes frequently.  Oops, I am judging.