Almond Milk and food alcohol story

I read online that almond milk is really healthy and a better alternative to cow's milk.  So after delaying for many weeks, I decided to finally do it.  It's really simple.

1 cup almonds
2 cups water

1. Soak the almonds overnight.
2. Drain the water, rinse and put them into the blender.
3. Put water and blend until they are in pulps. 
4. Strain the milk with a nut bag, strainer, used tea bag, etc.  I used the Malaysian nylon coffee strainer that the mamak store used for teh tarik.
5. Squeeze the pulp with your hands to get all the almond milk out.
6. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Some recipes put in vanilla extract and honey.  But without sugar, the milk already tasted sweet.  

In fact, I wanted to put in the vanilla extract when I saw the ingredients contains alcohol and stopped.

Unfortunately, I realised that I have a tree nut allergy that makes my throat tighten.  The first time I had it this was when I took virgin coconut oil, 2 spoonfuls and the next day my throat tighten.  At first, I thought it was acid reflux.  When I stopped the coconut oil, that stopped as well.

And this time almond milk and again my throat tightened.

Though I don't have a strong reaction with this allergy, but it was enough to make me feel uncomfortable and feels as if someone was strangling me.  

On another story, yesterday evening, me, hubby and mom went for dinner.  We went to have Fish Head Noodles.  We have heard good things about this but when we went few weeks ago, we were turned off by the word XO in the title.  But my mom reassured us that they won't be putting any alcohol into the food as XO is expensive.  So, we trusted my mom.  The noodles turned out really good and delicious.

About 1 hour after the food, I began to sneeze uncontrollably while hubby spotted a front agnya headache.  My sneezing was so bad, I began to suspect that a cold was coming.  Immediately did foot soaking and ice pack.  It helps and my body began to settle.  We did massive clearing as my head was painful as well.  But the nose was runny and I felt so tired from all the sneezing.

That night, I sweat profusely.  

Both hubby and I suspected there were alcohol in the soup.  And our subtle system were having a reaction to it.  Liver fired up and causes my body to heat up and sneezing starts.  Then as the body is trying to eliminate the alcohol bits, my body starts to sweat.  

Will we do this again?  Never.

Many people said once alcohol is cooked, the effects are no longer there, but left only the taste.  Yeah right, tell it to our subtle system.  It doesn't matter whether cook or not, it's still alcohol.

We should have checked with the waiter before ordering.  That's our bad.  And we should have suspected because in the menu, there were Guinness Stout Fried Chicken and Red Wine Baby Lamb Ribs.