Simple Fried Mee Hoon for Beginners

When I was in Singapore one day and stayed with some friends there, one of them cooked a simply delicious mee hoon that made me had seconds and thirds.  I asked her the secret and she told me, ikan bilis and garlic blended together.  So here's the recipe.

100g ikan bilis
1 bulb garlic
Few bundles of mee hoon (soaked) (1 person = 1 bundle)
1 carrot (shredded)
Eggs (1 person = 1 egg)
Tau geh and meat and more veges (optional)
Soy sauce

1.  Blend the ikan bilis and the garlic together until they become pulpy.  Keep aside. (My blender was not very good in making it tiny, so in the end, I have to pound it using mortar and pestle).
2.  Beat eggs into bowl and add some salt for taste.
3.  Put oil in a wok and fry the eggs first.  Break them up into small pieces.  When done, put it aside.
4.  Put the ikan bilis mixture into the wok.  Depending on your taste, you can put all, or just put few spoonfuls and keep the rest in the fridge.  Fry until there's fragrance.
5.  Mee hoons should be prepare when blending the ikan bilis.  Soak the mee hoon in hot water for a few minutes until they are soft.  And then pour away the hot water and run the mee hoon under cold water for few seconds to that they are not overly soft.
6.  Put mee hoon into the wok and fried together with the ikan bilis mixture.  Break the mee hoon into small pieces using the ladle.
7.  Add carrots to it and fry until carrots are soft.
8.  Add tau geh and eggs and mix them up.
9.  Add soy sauce for taste.

The fragrance from the ikan bilis is the one that make this dish special from the rest.  You can also try putting chicken or sausage into it.  Trial and error.  You won't go wrong with this.  Just the taste part, you need the adjust the saltiness according to your taste.  Can also put thick soy sauce to make the mee hoon a little black.  Up to your taste.