Simple durian pancake

My mom bought some durians and one Sunday morning, I thought of making a little nice pancake for breakfast.  So why not try durian pancake?

I googled on the recipe and found many bloggers did the durian crepe instead.  But I didn't have enough ingredients to make it.  So I tried something else.

With the leftover coconut milk from the Pandan Ogura Cake, I thought let's give this a try.  And found the perfect recipe.

I got the recipe here.  This blogger's recipe called for 200ml thick coconut milk.  I only have 20g coconut milk leftover.  And there was no milk in the fridge.  So I just diluted with enough water to make the batter.

It's quite easy to make and fast too.

Though the pancakes were not as thin as I wanted, and not as crispy as I wanted too, but it was really delicious.

As for the durian, it was the yellow type with milky flavour and lots of flesh and small seed (don't know what it's call) and it went very well with the pancakes and filling too.

I didn't blend it.  I just de-seed and mashed with my bare hands.  And it finger-licking fun and yummy.

Still craving for the thin, crisp sweet pancake that my aunty used to make for us when we were little.  Maybe this Sunday gonna try that out, without milk, maybe?