Review: FitFlop Sandals

As mentioned earlier, I will be posting non-Sahaj blog posts that were from my other blog.  Transferring all valuable information into 1 blog now.  

I had a history of plantar fasciistis.  Please click on the link to know more about it from Wikipedia.  And the main cause of it was due to the wrong shoes, too flat for my feet.  Eventually, after months of persistent exercises, I'd recovered from it. 

Then I was back to heels and I ditched flat slippers or sandals or shoes.  After some time, my feet felt really tired from wearing heels on a daily basis.  As my work place was having major renovation, the roads were so bad that there were holes everywhere.  I had twisted my ankles few times due to this.  So, I changed to some open-toed shoes, less heel, which did not help much.  Still while walking on the road, my feet was suffering so much from the unlevelled roads. 

Eventually, I discovered FitFlop.  This is the FitFlop Malaysia Facebook page.  I remembered I audited this company that was distributing FitFlop few years back and at that time, the designs were very limited and it looked like just a pair of Japanese slippers.  With the higher price (compare to other similar shoes), and claimed to reduce backache and give a better posture and so on, I thought it was not worth it at all. 

Then few years later, with many more designs, I thought of investing a pair.  At that time, I badly needed a pair of shoes that I can wear to work and comfortable for daily wear.  At the same time, I was also having some weird pain around my feet and was so afraid that plantar fasciitis was coming back.

This was my first pair of FitFlop, called The Floretta, priced at RM399.  Picture was taken from the FitFlop Malaysia Facebook page.  Just after wearing it for the first few days, I noticed the difference on my feet.  My feet were so comfortable, I can walked on rocks and stones and still able to walk straight and not tip-toe, and no matter how long I walked, I don't feel tired at all.  This sandal was remarkable!

I didn't care when work place management said I can't wear open-toed shoes that looked too casual for work.  I just wanted comfort and comfort is what I've got.

Slowly, I began to promote this to my other colleagues and 2 colleagues who were having problems with their feet bought and said their legs were no longer aching.

I don't really buy that it is gym-in-the-shoes as was claimed by FitFlop, as I didn't lose weight.  But I did gain muscles from walking more.

My pair of Floretta was worn daily and due to wear and tear, the flowers were becoming lose and the colour was fading.  Which is why I can't take a photo of it and show here, but I am still wearing them.

After some months, I thought I needed a more professional looking pair of FitFlop.  That was before The Due Ballerina was out in the market.  So I bought these:

Ollo Sandals, priced at RM339.  I thought of a change from being so casual at work to something a little more professional and black.  This was also a very comfortable sandals and so light on my feet and feels so great.

After feeling so good on my feet for so many months, one day, when I was overseas, I wore my mom's Nike shoes and when I came back to Malaysia, I had this persistent ache underneath my feet and whenever I walked, it feels like there was a ball on the ground.  I discovered that I had developed Morton's Neuroma

After some research about this, I've found that before I bought my first FitFlop, when I was having some weird pain and tingling sensation on my feet and toes, I was already heading for trouble.  That was a result of wearing too closed-tight shoes that was pressing my toes together and I traced the culprit to this pair of sandals that I was wearing daily to work.  It was a beautifully beaded hand-made shoe but unfortunately, it squeezed my toes too badly that my nerves were damaged.

So when I started with FitFlop, my feet were resting for a bit and the nerves were not pinching so much.  But when I wore the wrong shoes again, this time my mom's Nike, the nerves problem came back.  So when I went back to wear my Ollo Sandals, I still can't seem to get rid of the pain.

Eventually, I did more researched and needed something to separate my toes, so now I am back to my Floretta.  And guess what?  My feet feels so much better.  The pain is not entirely gone, but I don't feel pain with each step.

In conclusion, I feel the original FitFlop design, the one with the toe separator, is a better choice compared to the one without.  It is very comfortable and although quite pricey, it is definitely worth it. 

They have more new designs now and looked very pretty.  Try it if you want comfort.

I feel that shoe manufacturers should include a warning label on their shoes to inform their customers that as a result of wearing their shoes, user may develop plantar fasciitis, morton's neuroma and so many more feet disorder, due to the poorly made design which has no concern for the comfort of users.  By the way, high heels are really bad for your feet.