So, I have decided to revamp my blog a little.  I am terrible at categorisation and so whenever I can't think of which category, I will just put as Random.  Now that I have learned how to tidy up my blog and make it nicer, I have to re-label all my post, up to 2008.  And then suddenly Blogger hanged!!!!  Pray pray that all my blog posts survives.

Next, I wanted to change the blog skin and then suddenly the script that I put yesterday so that you can't copy and paste is gone!!!  

Phew, finally got all my act together and here's the new look.  Notice the tabs at the top?  Easier access the topics that you are interested in.  

Also, I have decided to just maintain only 1 blog for now and will post all my previous blog posts from the other blog here.  It will be lots of cooking and baking.  Well, Sahaj is my only life and one and only.  So, why keep 2 blogs as if I lead 2 lives?  

Initially, I wanted to open another blog, to blog about things that I won't blog here, say too personal things maybe?  Now come to think about it, if it is too personal and I don't want the public to know, then better not to blog about it right?  Yup!

OK, so if you want to have an easier access to certain blog posts, here's a guide to the labels and categorisation:

Excerpts - Will be all Excerpts of Shri Mataji.
LTSVP - Long Term Social Visit Pass.  It will be all about it from applying to renewing.
Marriage - Of marriage & wedding planning to actual day.
Meditate & Introspection - Learn to meditate and introspect.
NYC Journey - This is all about my muses and how I view this journey of life.
Random - All other things and write-ups by other people.
Reviews - Movie reviews, hotels.
Sahaj music - All about Sahaj music and bhajans.
Sahaj treatments - All about Sahaj treatments.
Shri Mataji - All about Shri Mataji
Travel - All my travel posts.
Tribute - Tribute to people whom I have love and lost.

I tried cutting down to less than 10, but still can't seem to do it.  In future, there will be Food as well and maybe one fine day I will have my own webpage instead of blogspot.

Hope you like the new look as much as I do.

The next 2 weeks will be posts filled with Food and non-Sahaj related posts.  These are from my other blog as I have decided to delete that blog now.  Don't worry, I will be back with more Sahaj posts.  Probably after Guru Puja.