Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

You know how some people have green thumb?  Whatever they plant will surely be beautiful and blooming. Or some people really have this cooking touch, that no matter what dish they cook, it will definitely turn out amazing?

So, I am not those people.  I am very bad at estimating how much ingredient to put during the cooking process.  So when I don't have enough ingredients of the said recipe, I feel lost and confused.  I don't know how to substitute.  I don't know how to adjust to the situation.  I have to follow the recipe like word-by-word.

The first time I tried this was few years back, like 2008 if not mistaken.  And it was disastrous.  This cake is very delicious to eat, but very difficult to bake.  To me at least, coz I am still an amateur.

The reason being was simply because I can't seem to understand what water bath means or what soft peaks means.  And so each time when I failed, it took a few months before I dare to try again.

First time, the batter was accidentally poured into the water bath.  So gone case.

Second time, the water from the water bath seeped into the cake tin and diluted the cake mixture.  Terrible.

Then after that, I didn't have the courage to try this again.  I would rather buy from a bakery somewhere rather than attempt this until I bumped into this blog titled The Little Teochew.

After reading the every single details and tips that Ju, the blogger, had highlighted, I decided to give it a try and so this is the end result:

OK, so the cake rose and then fell.  Probably because I left it a little too long in the oven after it is done without opening the oven door to let the hot air out.  I overslept while waiting.

But the cake was a success!!!  The taste was great except I find it a little wee too sweet.  Maybe I should reduce the sugar the next time.

The idea of using cupcake tins as the water bath and putting it at each corner was one of the tricks that I really like.  The cake was not too damp or too soft.  And it's easy to do this!!!

Since I was rushing to get the cake out, I couldn't wait for it to cool down completely before cutting.  So it became like this:

But I am still glad that the texture and taste turns out great!!!  Finally, after so many years of trial and error!!!

For the recipe and tips and tricks, please visit Ju's website by clicking on the title above.


This time, I have successfully made a very good Japanese Cotton Cheesecake.  It's so good, that I was jumping in joy, in front of my little nephew.

I followed exactly like what Ju has written, all the ingredients, all the measurements, all the methods and all the tips and tricks.  And voila, this time my cake DID NOT SINK!  Not only that, it was in the perfect height.

However, the 1 hour and 10 minutes did not work well for me.  I guess my oven is a little different.  The cake turns out a little wet, a bit like pudding, and I put it back into the oven for another 10 minutes and brown the top a little bit more.  I should have put it longer, say 30 minutes?

Somehow, after putting it into the fridge, the pudding parts harden and it turns into a nice cheesecake.  Still a little soft.  I prefer harder cheesecake.

The taste was too yum sum to mentioned.  

This is the end product.  See how nicely it has turn out.  

I figured that the cake didn't sink because the egg whites were beaten to the right consistency, i.e soft peaks.  Not too stiff, not too soft.

I won't post the recipe here.  Just go to Ju's blog.

See?  It's a little damp at the bottom.  

The additional thing that I did was to wrap the bottom outside of the cake pan with aluminium foil.  Which helps to stop the cake mixture from leaking because I have forgotten that my removable bottom cake pan was loose.  This really helps the cake to stay in one piece.

Actually this is a by-the-way experiment.  I have a Philadelphia Cream Cheese which I bought since Christmas last year for making mashed potatoes.  Somehow, I found a better method for making the mashed, so this cream cheese has been sitting in my fridge since then.

It was going to expire end of April 2014.  So I have to think of something to make do with it.  Friends and relatives suggested many ideas.  But I was too lazy to venture new stuff.

So this is it!  Glad it turn out well!  Thanks to Ju for her tips and tricks!