How to unclog your toilet the easy way!

So, after reading all about food, here's something that will put your appetite away.  Avoid reading if you feel yucky!

So, one night, we had sewerage issue.  Our toilet was clogged.  After many times plunging and still unsuccessful, I went to Google and then I found this miraculous solution which is economical and fuss free!

First you just need to take dish wash detergent and go a few rounds in the toilet bowl.  Let it slowly drizzle into the hole.

Next, boil a kettle of hot water.  Then pour the boiling hot water down the toilet bowl.  Be careful not to do it so high or so fast, you don't want the dirty water to splash back at you or the boiling hot water to burn you.

Lastly, use the toilet plunger and plunge a few times.  Be careful of the boiling hot water.

Repeat the process a few times and flush a few times.  Voila, works like a charm!

** All photos are credited to Free Digital Photos.