How to make yogurt with EasiYo Yogurt Maker with and without the sachets

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First Attempt

After months of not looking paying attention to what I have been putting into my stomach, GERD came back few weeks ago.  Thank God it wasn't that bad.  Just 1 puking session and that's it.

Since then, I have been very careful at the food I am putting into my mouth, looking out for trigger food and what's good for GERD.

Found that actually yogurt is very good for GERD.  So, long story short, I invested in EasiYo Yogurt Maker.

Actually, before that, I was thinking of ways to make my own yogurt.  I did it before and it was successful.  But after reading reviews on EasiYo Yogurt Maker and so many said it's good and easy and the yogurt was super delicious, in the end, I was in.  RM139 with starter pack.

You can find this in selected Carings and Vitacare pharmacy.  I bought mine at Damansara Uptown.

1. First put room temperature water or cold water into the EasiYo yogurt container.  Fill it half way through only.

2. Then open the sachet of yogurt mixture that came with the starter.  You can also buy individual packets at about RM13-RM16 each (yes pricey!).  Add the powder into the water.  Close and shake well.  The yogurt mixture has milk powder, flavouring and the necessary bacteria.

3. Next, fill up the container with water until the line as indicated.

4. Pour boiling hot water into the maker until the top of the red holder.

5. Place the container into the maker carefully.  

6. Close the cover and leave it for 15 hours.

I manage to leave it for 14 hours only as I started at 10.30am and by 12.30am when I opened and checked, here's what I got:

Beautiful and tasty mango flavoured yogurt.  Keep in the fridge to stop the bacteria process. 

Since the sachet is pricey, I am considering trying out using milk powder and a starter.

Second Attempt

Since my 2 starter pack Easiyo sachets used up, one mango and the other lemon, I did some Google and researched and found a way to make Easiyo yogurt without the sachets.  That will save me lots of money as each sachet costs RM19.90.

Here's how to do it:

1. Boil 1 ltr full cream milk until it's heated up but not over-boiled (milk will spill over when it reaches a certain temperature). 
2. Cool the milk down and then put it in the fridge to make it cold.
3. When the milk is cold, pour half out and mix that half with 1/2 cup of milk powder.  Shake well.  What I did was I used the Easiyo container and just poured half milk out and added 1/2 cup milk powder and shaked well.  Like when you use the sachet.
4. For the other half, stir in 3 tablespoons of yogurt starter.
5. Mix all the milk together and give it a good shake / stir.
6. Pour hot water into the Easiyo thermos until the it covers the red barf.
7. Put the Easiyo container with your yogurt mixture inside.
8. Leave for 8 hours.

I got perfect yogurt after that.  The milk is fresh cow milk that I bought from Brickfields.  The starter is actually buttermilk or tairu (in Tamil) also from Brickfields.  The taste is amazing!!!  And the cost is only RM6 for both.

I have saved some yogurt from this batch to do the next.  And next time I will use Amul milk.  Apparently it's the best milk ever.

Tairu is a very water down yogurt.  At first I was worried that the bacteria might have died or too watery to make the yogurt.  I was of course wrong.  When I tasted it, it was very sourish.

After using 3 tbsp of the tairu, I still have lots of it.  What to do with it?  They can only last for a week and that also in the freezer.  So, cucumber raita it is!

Just cut some cucumbers.  Mix the tairu.  Add salt and sugar for taste.


wee chen said…
Hi thanks for the info here!
I would love to try the homemade yogurt.
May I know where you buy the tairu at Brickfields? Can I get the name and address Of the store please?
Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. :)
Yen said…
Hi I bought from Modern Store
wee chen said…
Hi can I just make the yogurt without adding the milk powder? Means just fresh cow milk and Marigold plain yogurt as starter...thanks..
Yen said…
Hi Wee Chen,

You can trial and error and see if it works. I tried before and it didn't work for me.