Blog Thieves!

Today, I've found that someone stole photos from my blog and used it on his own website.  Although the website is a good web, filled with good info and I do believe this guy has no intention of stealing my photos but still, using my photos without crediting them back to me or asking permission from me is still stealing.

Unfortunately, all my blog photos can be found on Google by just a simple search.  Well, I am not web literate, so I don't know a lot about coding and stuff.

But common courtesy is still needed.  Come one brother, if you want to take one of my photos as reference to the topic that you wrote in your website, all you have to do is just drop me a comment and ask me.  Simple!  I won't say no for sure. 

So, in order to stop my blog from being copied and pasted all over, I have protected it.  Now try to highlight the contents and right-click them.  Nothing happen right?  Yup.

So, if anyone of you who would like to have a copy of the contents, drop me a comment and your email address and I will reciprocate.  

As for the photos, unfortunately, there's nothing much I can do except to place a watermark on it.

Sigh, yogis, we are all brothers and sisters.  I know you meant well and want to use the photo to show the Sahaj treatment.  But taking the photos from my blog without asking is considered stealing, whether you like it or not.  And those are my personal photos.  Not photos taken from the net.  Not photos of Shri Mataji.  Those were from my personal collections.

Anyhow, whoever you are, if you are reading, I forgive you.  We are all born of the same Mother.  Next time, do ask me.  But from now onwards, all my personal photos will come with watermark.  Except photos of Shri Mataji.

Here's a photo taken by my sister.  Saw a cloud formation that looks like an elephant and she outlined it.  Looks like a little Shri Ganesha, right?