Happy Holi

We had such a great time yesterday at the center.  It was a surprise Holi celebration.  And the first ever.  Too bad, I didn't manage to take any pictures because it happened so fast.

You see, the organisers decided to just spring it upon us to play Holi at the center, after collective meeting was over.  It was never done before.  So, can you imagine, we were in our best clothes for the normal collective days and we came totally unprepared with the colours.

However, forget about how to wash the clothes later.  The fun was how we manage to be so spontaneous with the whole thing.  It was totally awesome!

The whole thing made me forget about this world, forget about the chores, about my work, about my colleagues, about MH370.

While we are on this topic, I will not write any more about it.  I have even deleted my previous post on this. The plot is much more sinister than I thought.  It's a pity that 200+ people sacrificed their lives for nothing.  The only wish I have now is for those crooks to get their punishment, whether on earth or in the netherworld.  Nothing much I can say now except to let the Divine handle it.  Enough said.

So, back to Holi.  It was totally joyful and spontaneous.  We had so much of fun.  Today I had a hard time trying to wash off those colours on our clothes, but hey, it's not a big deal.

The most important thing is, we enjoyed each other's companionship and were playful no matter at what age.  
Back home, after everything quieten down, I see the importance to stay connected with Shri Mataji, with Sahaja Yogis and with ourselves.  It's only our ego that causes us so much of unhappiness.  It's only our mind that gives us so much of confusion.  It's only our body that stops us from enjoying the ultimate.

For that short time with colours, we forgot our pain, our differences, our age, ourselves.  We were so immersed with it that all we could just do was enjoy and have fun.

So, let's forget who we are.  Let's forget what country we are from.  Let's forget our nationality.  Let's forget about everything.  Just you, me and Shri Mataji.  

'I am not this mind, ego nor body.  I am Eternal Bliss and Awareness.  I am Shiva!  I am Shiva!'