To be Sahaja

No updates lately due to super-busy month at work and going on some roller-coaster ride.  Just when I was about to go back to my bad habit and start questioning 'Why me?', Shri Mataji came and guided me and sent me these messages:

"Sahaja means… to be Sahaja means in… I can say how Tulsidas has said, “Jaise rakha hu taise hi rahu” (You keep me as You like).

That kind of an attitude takes your attention inside – because outside it is let alone to the dogs.

Let alone… we are not bothered about the outside part.

As you people, I will be, in that manner… and you will be surprised everything clicks out very well.

Even, sometimes, you might feel: “I should reach a certain place, I must have this Bhajan done, I must get these things done” and it’s not done sometimes.

Sometimes by mistake something as you want is not done.

You must accept it as the will of God.

That is what He desires – it’s all right.

That is the desire of God and now you are one with His desire.

You are here to communicate the desire of God to the whole world.

At a… at this stage if you start having your own desires and ideas about yourself, then when will you become the desire of God? This I-ness has to go away.

That is what meditation is – where you are no more 'I’ but it is 'You’."

-Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi-

 And this:

"Accept life as it is. As it is, whatever life is there, accept it. Don’t retaliate, don’t get angry, don’t get upset, just accept and you’ll enjoy the same life which was irritating you. You will see the enjoying part of that and it will be so beautiful the way you will see that you’ll get over all your problems. You’ll get over all your enemies and a kind of a very fresh beautiful existence you’ll have."

1999 – May 9, Cabella, Italy
H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

And this:

 "As you know Sahaja Yoga is a very subtler happening within us. It’s a very subtler happening and this subtler happening gives you sensitivity to Divine joy. When you start getting the Divine joy you don’t care for any comforts, you don’t care for all worldly type of pleasure giving things. To you, this becomes the most important thing and the only thing. Apart from that you start seeing the truth as it is. When I say you start seeing the truth many people can misuse this word. I’ve seen many people saying that they can decide things on vibrations and they have decided certain things on vibrations. But they commit mistakes. That means they have not yet grown up to that state where they can decide on vibrations. So nobody should arbitrarily decide but consult the collective, especially your leaders to find out if whatever decision you have taken, whatever you have thought of, is it all right or not. And one may commit lots of mistakes if you start behaving arbitrarily."

"Now some people are worried that they must get into the bus. Some people are worried they must reach back home. Some people are worried they must get their food in time. According to them this is discipline. This is not. This is conditioning. But what is the discipline is of patience in Sahaja Yoga. Where you watch everything and you are patient. If you are in the bus you are there. If you are standing on the road you are there. If you are walking on the road you are there. "

"And another thing, which one has to learn apart from Saburi from the patience. One has to imbibe within one self is the sweetness. If you are sweet you are filled with humor, you do not hurt others, you are not hurt either, you see everything so beautiful and nice, that’s the quality of Shri Krishna, Madhurya. Anything can be done with sweetness. That’s very important. Now some people might say, “Mother, sometimes You have to get angry and all that.” There, is no need for you that I can do that dirty job. You don’t have to. You don’t have to get angry with anyone. You just show your patience, your love, your kindness, your sweetness. That is how the personality of Sahaja Yoga, which is a collective being, is to be built by people who have patience, who are sweet outwardly, inwardly."

"And the third one is the genuineness. Without genuineness we can not enter into ourselves because our inner being knows what we are. If there is hypocrisy, if there is just showing off or if there is a kind of a reservation within us we can not enter inside us. Also the people who come in contact with such people can not progress. So one has to be very genuine about it and this is an individual quality, is not a Samuhik quality. It is not a collective quality. All of us have to be genuine within ourselves because it is for our gain, for our Hitha. So we have to be collective because it is good for us. We have to be patient because it is good for us and we have to be genuine because it is good for us. It’s all Swartha. It is all the meaning of Swa, Swartha, Swa means ourselves, and Artha means the meaning. And Swartha also means selfishness but actually it is self, and self and self."

Talk to yogis, India Tour. Ganapatipule (India), 3 January 1988. - Taken from