A most wonderful and joyful birthday!

This year I had the most wonderful and joyful birthday.  Since this year my birthday falls on a Sunday and Friday happened to be a public holiday, the celebration started early due to the long weekend.

On Thursday, celebrated with colleagues.  I was sick on Wednesday, so no blowing candles and spreading my virus.

On Friday, went out with hubby for a movie and had a nice and satisfied lunch at Sushi Zanmai.  Then dinner time, sister and brother-in-law treated us another Japanese meal.  Sister's friend and boyfriend were so generous and bought me the cute cupcake above.

On Saturday, my parents celebrated my birthday with the above cake.

On Sunday, it was a farewell for a Sahaj family who came from Austria but will be leaving Malaysia soon after 4 years here.  It so happened that I have adopted this couple as my Sahaj parents.  How it happened was also quite coincidental.

In 2011, when I was preparing to leave for Cabella for my Sahaj wedding ceremony, I'd found that not many from Malaysia were going.  This was also the first year puja was celebrated in Shri Mataji's nirakar form.  Then through some connections, I found that this Sahaj family from Austria (who were currently residing in Malaysia) will be going.  Immediately I adopted the couple as my parents and the 2 brothers as my brothers.  Everything worked out so well, they gave me away at my wedding and the brothers captured beautiful photographs of that spiritual moment.

Sunday was my actual birthday and happened to be the farewell for them as well.  After all the food, the yogis gathered together to sing some bhajans.

And then the surprise came.  My Sahaj mom gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers while my Sahaj dad brought out the cake.  The cake was actually for them, but they decided to make it my birthday cake instead.

I didn't want to take their limelight away, since it is their farewell.  But my Sahaj mom decided to dedicate a song to me and sung 'Edelweiss', accompanied by a pianist on the grand piano.  It was just breathtaking, seriously.  Like a real recital.  My Sahaj dad decided to invite me for a waltz and since I am so much shorter than him, he carried me and twirl for few rounds until I was so dizzy, LOL!  Then Sahaj mom invited me to join her in the song and my oh my, luckily I remembered the lyrics.  It was truly a surprise and was so joyful.  Everyone had a wonderful time!  What a birthday it was!

It was truly a Sound of Music moment and I was so impressed.  Why?  Because I love musical and now being in one of it, in front of live audience, crazy dream come true!!!

That same night, some Sahaj sisters invited me and hubby for dinner.  We had nice chinese dinner and I brought a cake, Pandan Ogura Cake, made the day before.  I promised them I would bring a cake.  And hubby commented it was the best cake compared to the others.

Now the thing about my birthday is, 13 years ago, after an unfortunate incident, I told myself I will never celebrate my birthday again.

But Shri Mataji is so compassionate and loving, every year since that unfortunate incident, all my birthdays were celebrated, most of the time with an element of surprise.  How blessed I am to be in Sahaja Yoga, to witness all this beautiful things, to feel and be loved, to have such wonderful Sahaj family and friends.

Thank You Shri Mataji for this wonderful and joyful moment.  Thank you everyone for the surprise!!!  I had a blast!!!