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Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally

One day, I read a sharing on Facebook.  It was a short story that goes something like this:

'A man caught a taxi and was on his way to the airport.  While the taxi was coming out from the parking spot, a black car suddenly cut in front of the taxi causing the taxi driver to immediately brake.  Instead of apologising, the driver of the black car wound down the window and started swearing at the cab driver.

The taxi driver waved to him and smiled and did not react to the black car's driver's words.  The black car sped on and the taxi continue its journey.  Curious, the passenger in the taxi asked the taxi driver, how come he is so cool and did not scold that guy back when it was very obvious the black car driver's mistake.  The taxi driver replied, 'In our everyday life, we faced with lots of tension, stress, frustrations, irritations.  Sometimes we need to release all these rubbish.  It's just today, I became the garbage truck and collected that guy's frust…


Readers of this blog is getting lesser and lesser.  The last few posts, only 6-7 readers and that's probably include me.  I understand that the writing is getting less informative, which of course most people who came to this page were looking for.  But it's OK.  It's not like I have created this blog to attract readers.  I just wanted to share about my spiritual life and whatever else that came along with it.  Most of the time, it is just ramblings.
Today I want to share about Simplicity.  Before I insert Shri Mataji's words, let me share about simplicity in my life.  There is none.
Until I met my husband and learned that I am in fact a very sophisticated and complicated person.  Everything needs to be prim and proper, otherwise, I get confused or felt like things won't be good, etc.  In another words, everything has to be difficult and nothing is easy, in my world.  That's when I realised that simplicity is missing in my life and I needed some of it back.  

Review: Journey to the West - Conquering the Demons

I have never done a review before.  Let's give it a try.  A movie review minus the pics.  Not going to go into the details about who is acting who and all that.  Besides Shu Qi, I don't know the rest of the casts.
On Valentine's Day, we went to catch a movie.  After reading a few reviews, we opted for 'Journey to the West - Conquering the Demons' directed by Stephen Chow.  
I had grown up watching Stephen Chow's famous 'mou lei tao' movies and I loved it very much.  This is one guy that can really make you laugh, and the lines were so memorable that it stuck on you for a while.  For those who doesn't know him, he is a famous Hong Kong actor-comedian but now moving towards directing and producing movies.  
I didn't enjoy his last movie, 'CJ7' but the one before that, 'Kungfu Hustle' was pretty enjoyable.  So we thought to give this a try, a spiritual movie, or so we thought.  
To those who doesn't know the story of 'Journ…

Starting the Ular Year right!!

Chinese New Year is on 10th February this year.  We are entering into the Year of the Snake (Ular in Malay).  As a tradition in our office, we had our annual Lou Sang.  

For those who doesn't know what is Yee Sang, please read from Wikipedia.  It's a combo of tit-bits, from crunchy to wet, multi-coloured, sweet and sour taste from the plum juice, added with salmon for the ultimate taste.

This is the end result, after the mixing.  Usually, we make good wishes during the mixing.  Here with colleagues, we wished for good increment, less complaints, good health, abundance of good fortunes, can close timely, and lots of money.  LOL!

Conflict in the food department

Recently my husband and I started adventuring into the kitchen, in cooking.  And that's when we found out that although we are both Chinese in nature, our taste buds are so different, even with Chinese food.
First, we made a pound cake as prasad for the collective.  I followed Shri Mataji's pound cake recipe but added chocolate chips for extra taste.

We didn't get to taste it, except the little bit of the skin and the sides, but not the whole piece as it disappeared very fast after the collective.  
But that's not the point.  The point is, he doesn't like to bake cakes that much and especially not cheese cake.  He finds it tiring to hold the hand-held mixer for 15-20 minutes.  
So, I thought we should venture more into the Chinese food department.  We made Chinese bao.  

I got the recipe online and I thought to give it a shot.  My first time ever.  The skin turns out to be a bit too thick and crumbly and dry.  The shape was a bit ugly.  But the end result was quit…