How to backup your Blackberry, which keys and roller balls are not working

I am not a tech person.  But this happened to me and I had desperately searched high and low for an answer all over Google and finally sang Hallelujah.  So, I thought I will blog about this, hoping can help someone who faces the same problem as I did.

Keys and roller ball not working.  Press on roller ball cannot enter into any app. 

Unable to make any calls or type any words.  Bought a new phone and wanted to transfer the contacts over but some contacts were saved into the phone memory, especially those new ones that I have saved since using the BB. 

1. Download Blackberry Desktop Software based on your country.  
2. Part of the installation requires you to insert the CD that came together with your BB.  If you lost the CD, then you can't proceed.
3. Once installation is done, open up the software.
4. Connect your BB via USB to the computer.  The software will immediately detect your BB without having you to select anything.  
5. Click backup.  All the files in your BB will be backup into your computer.
6. I synced the contacts in the BB with Windows Contacts (only available in Windows 2007, I think).  From there, I managed to extract all the contacts that were missing.  The only hassle is to key-in one-by-one into the new phone.  Where to find Windows Contacts?  Go to Start.  Under Search, type Contacts and a new folder will pop-out.

You can do the same with mp3 and photos that is in your BB as well.  I didn't do that because those are less important.

So, it took the whole night for me to figure this out.  Some say try Bluetooth.  Some say over WiFi.  Well, when the phone is not working, you can't select anything.  

I tried connecting through USB without the Blackberry Desktop Software, thinking that I can extract it that way.  But earlier, I have selected the option to inform me everytime it is plug into USB and now I cannot click YES.

I wanted to clear the phone memory as well as I don't want someone else to pick my BB and see who I last called, all my emails, message etc.  Not that they can see much due to the scroll thing not moving.  But still, I prefer to delete it all.  Somehow, I have yet to find a solution to this.  The only thing is to keep this BB forever with me and not dump it.

So, the magic here is Blackberry Desktop Software.  I read somewhere there is this free software called Magicberry which work the same way, but the website seems to be missing yesterday.