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How to apply for the Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass - Part 2

Updated 30 June 2015: Please read this first before proceeding.

Disclaimer : All the blog posts on long term social visit pass (LTSVP) are made for couples who are genuinely married and married for love and not for money.

A recap of Part 1 is here

During application

1. Go to JIM Putrajaya by 7.30am.  That's when they start to distribute the queue number.  

2. While waiting for your turn, do arrange the documents in sequence, as per the list that was given earlier.  

3. It is best to go to JIM to apply for the LTSVP few days or immediately when your spouse arrived in Malaysia.  This is because they only have 30 days visa.  If you apply later, you will need to pay for an extra pass.  And then upon the approval of the LTSVP, you will need to pay again.

4. If you apply LTSVP when his pass is almost going to expire, you will have to wait at JIM until after lunch (few hours) to get a temporary special pass that is to allow for him to stay in Malaysia while waiting for the LTSVP.  I don't know how much you need to pay.  Few hundreds I think.

5. JIM is pretty efficient with the numbers and it moved very fast.  However, do go early as there are lots of people by mid morning.  It's pretty crowded and noisy too.

6. Handover all the documents to the staff.  The staff asked for my IC and husband's passport.  She got a senior officer to verify my IC and then return to me.  Then she printed a piece of paper, instructed me of what to do next and attached to his passport.

7.  Upon completion, I was told to come back few days before his visa expire for an interview.  This time I have to bring witnesses to my marriage, i.e my parents, bring a bank draft of RM1,500 to Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia and RM1,130 cash, payment for his pass and his passport.

Total expense

Commissioner of Oaths = RM10.00
JPN Extract of Marriage Certificate = RM5.00
Security Bond = RM1,500.00 (refundable upon cancellation of pass)
Pass = RM1,130.00

Total = RM2,645.00

BTW, Setem Duti and Setem Hasil is the same thing.


Annie lee said…
Hi, we must bring along the witness of our marriage during the interview?this is because our witness is our friends who living in singapore, so it is difficult for us to ask them to go to Kuala Lumpur. We registered at Singapore first then registered again at malaysia.

Why the extract of marriage certificate only can be done at jpn outrage jaya?i thought it can be done at any jpn as well.

For the letter of employment and prove of income, should it come from mine or my husband? I am Malaysian and my husband is from china. I am not working and my husband is working at singapore
Yen said…
Hi annie!

The witness could be your parents. They only needed my mom to be there....and they took photocopy of her IC.

I went to JPN Putrajaya because I forgot to do it prior and since I was in Putrajaya, so I went there instead of coming back to PJ. If you do it before applying the LTSVP then shd be able to get it at other JPN office.

If you are not working, then get your husband's employer to prove that he is employed.

Just prepare all the documents even if they didn't say specifically. Better be safe than sorry.
Annie lee said…
Hi Yen,

What you mean is the witness not necessary is the one who signed on our marriage certificate? I thought the witness you mentioned above is the witness who signed on our Singapore marriage certificate last time.

Yen said…
Hi annie.

I registered my marriage in china then in Malaysia. Both times no witness was required.

When immigration wanted a witness and I called them, they said someone witness your wedding....which I presumed is someone who can guarantee that both of you are married. This is because they don't want ppl to apply LTSVP using fake marriage.

So if your parents can be there physically to prove that you guys were married, then good enough. Immigration will also ask them some questions about both of you.

Better you call them or go to FB and like the JIM page and then ask them there.

Their reply is slow though.
Wei-Yann said…
Hi Annie, I just wanted to share with you that I called the Immigration Department in Putrajaya and they only process these paperwork for Chinese and Nigerian nationals. Anyone else i.e. Americans will have to go to the one in Shah Alam unfortunately.

Just thought you would like to know this :) Thanks for your post!
Wei-Yann said…
Oops my apologies, I didn't read Part 1 where you mentioned the Putrajaya office is only for Chinese and Nigerian nationals...
Unknown said…
Today I go to JIM to apply ltvp.
JIM tell my come on 31/12 for interview
My question is after interview, can immediately can visa stamp in my passport.
Any one can help me. For answer
Unknown said…
I have questions.
Today interview today can get visa stamp in passport or not???
Yen said…
If interview is same day, you will get the visa same day also.
Elin Chow said…
I am a Singaporean currently residing in K.L Malaysia under a Long term social visit pass too. I have granted with a one year initial visa and have documented my application processes in my blog as well. On top of that, I have obtained a work endorsement that has allowed me to work in Malaysia too. Anyone who is interested may wish to read the details of my application here:
Unknown said…
Hi Yen, can I know why you mentioned that it's best to apply LTSVP few days or immediately when my spouse arrived in Malaysia? Will the whole process take up to a month? Because my gf is planning to come over for only around 7 days, will this be enough to get the LTSVP done?

Thank you!
Unknown said…
Hi Yen,

Can I know why did you mention it's best to apply for LTSVP immediately after my spouse arrived in Malaysia? Will the entire process take up to 30 days? Because she's planning for a 7 days trip to Malaysia and we hope to get this done within this period, not sure if this will be sufficient.
Yen said…
Hi Aaron,
As mentioned above, the first application took us
1 month's time. But that time my husband got 30 tourist visa to Malaysia, that's why we applied immediately when he arrived and was told to collect his passport just few days before the tourist visa expire.
I suggest you call up JIM and ask them about the process and duration.
Yen said…
Hi Aaron,
As mentioned above, the first application took us
1 month's time. But that time my husband got 30 tourist visa to Malaysia, that's why we applied immediately when he arrived and was told to collect his passport just few days before the tourist visa expire.
I suggest you call up JIM and ask them about the process and duration.

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