Madhyam and I missed the grass

Few years ago, there was a nice lawn in our backyard.  It came with the house and we had it for 20 over years.  It was not a big lawn, but big enough for us to enjoy the grass and nature.  It was also the place where Kancil (our first dog) was buried and my mom planted an umbra tree over his grave and the tree was growing so well and bore so many fruits.  My mom also planted a dragon fruit tree and once in a while we have nice dragon fruits and big flowers from that tree.

Madhyam, our second dog, used to roll on the grass to scratch his back and when he is too hot, he will lie on the soil to cool down.  It was also the place where he does his toilet business.

I love sitting on the grass.  It's cooling for the Mooladhara and it's very nice to do shoe-beating, where I have a little privacy.

When my parents decided to expand the house, so that we can have a bigger kitchen and guest room, I was disappointed.  I fought for the lawn, explained to them what these grass meant to me and Madhyam.  However my mom said, it's hard to get a grass-cutter nowadays (in Malaysia we don't mow our own lawn).  Now, most of the newly built houses came without grass, just tiles and cement.  So grass-cutters also lost their jobs.  Older houses like ours are mostly paved, renovated, expand to the max.  Sigh.

I don't understand why so many people can't see the beauty of grass.  Yes, we need to cut it once in a while, but that just means that God is great that God makes these things grow.

Anyway, my parents decided to go ahead with their project despite my objections.  In the end, Madhyam have to live in the porch, smaller space and no more grass for him.  I pity him, especially when I bring him for a walk, and when he is on a grass, the way he rolled on the grass, you can see his love for the grass is intense.  When he is too hot, he can only hide under the car because tiles and cement are not as cool as grass.

I missed shoe-beating on the grass.  It's different when you shoe-beat on tiles.  I feel the effect is not the same.  The only grass I can see now is on the playground, but you don't know whether any dogs or cats, pooed or peed on the grass.  

I missed sitting on the grass and walking on them.  They may be pokey, but the dew and the softness of the grass calms the feet.

Sigh, I haven't sat on a proper grass for a long, long time.  It's very hard to find clean, proper grass.  I am wondering whether I can plant some grass on the balcony.  What will my parents say?  Just a small, tiny patch will do.  Hmmm, I am sure they will have a lot to say.  Shall I try?

I find many Malays would have grass in their home.  They will have lots of plants too.  I feel they enjoy nature very much.  My neighbours are Malays and they have a nice lawn in the front and back with hibiscus plant, cempaka tree and so many more plants that bore beautiful flowers.

Indian houses also have lots of plants.  Jasmine is their favourite.

But Chinese houses are concrete jungle.  Most Chinese felt it is too hassle to maintain a garden.  They prefer to just wash and sweep the tiled floor once in a while to have a clean feel.  

The only plant in my house that bore beautiful, fragrant flowers is the mogra plant.  However, the flowers are very random, maybe few months once.  

I am seriously considering planting some grass on the balcony.  Maybe I should ask some gardener or someone?  Like a portable grass that can be moved around.  So Madhyam and I can enjoy grass again.