Recap of 2011

January 2011
Received our wedding studio photos.

February 2011
Celebrated Chinese New Year in China.

Shri Mataji left Her physical body.

March 2011
My paternal grandmother passed away.

April - July 2011
Busy with work, wedding planning and spiritual ascent.  During these months, big changes happened that opened my eyes to see so many things, clearer picture of the whole world, of people, of connections, of relationships and of myself.  A change for the better and definitely made me grew up more.

August 2011
Registered our marriage in China, went to Cabella for the Sahaja Yoga Wedding Ceremony where I had the most tremendous experience when he tied the mangal sutra around my neck.  

September 2011
Had our China wedding ceremony.

October 2011
Busy with the wedding preparation in Malaysia.

November 2011
Registered our marriage in Malaysia.  Went to Langkawi for honeymoon.  Had our Malaysia wedding ceremony.

December 2011
Time to reflect on ourselves, on marriage life, on being together, spiritual ascent, love, live, forget, forgive, surrender, detachment and so much more.  

Past is gone, future is yet to come.  So, let's enjoy our present, whoever we are with right now, at this moment, spend time with your children, take care of your elders, love and not hate, eat good food, cook delicious meals, work hard but not stressed up, just be at this moment, look around you, enjoy everything, enjoy life!