Looking back

Wow, so fast and it's December!  How time flies!

I was looking back at my online diary back in June 2010, when I had just submitted my application for marriage.  So much of worries.  So much of anticipation.  So many thoughts.

Then I had a dream and I wrote this, 'I can't see his face properly (in my dream), but he is a little older than I am and has a very stern look.' 

Now it is one year down the road, I am happily married to this guy and re-reading my diary is so hilarious.  He is indeed a man with black hair and stern look (if he doesn't smile) and older than me.  So, my instinct was quite accurate back then.

Well, although the journey was not easy, it was very rewarding.  The beginning part takes a little bit of adjustment.  Then after that everything was quite smooth.

We are still at the beginning of our journey.  We are looking forward to a life-long adventure.  So far, we are enjoying and appreciating every single moment when we are together, because those moments are very precious.

While we are different from each other, the same differences are the balancing factor.  How interesting!

I feel blessed.  That everything is working out smoothly.  We just need to surrender the beginning part, and then the rest is sorted out.

Thank You, Shri Mataji for answering all my prayers!  Thank You for giving me this opportunity to be a wife.