Today is an important day for me

21st November 2011- is the day when all the weddings are completed! Phew! Finally I get to rest and relax and enjoy married life. Four weddings is really something else.

Planning for the wedding started last year November. Took wedding photographs and booked restaurant in December.

Then from January to July this year was deciding on things, how, when, what. Started on facial. Search for professional photographer and make-up artist commenced. Also started on getting my documents for the ROM in China.

Finally from August onwards, it was a roll of events.

22nd August 2011 - Registration of marriage in China

28th August 2011 - Sahaja Yoga Wedding Ceremony

2nd September 2011 - China wedding ceremony; tea ceremony and wedding reception

Back to Malaysia, preparation for the wedding in Malaysia started. From translating documents to buying souvenirs, although a lot of hiccups along the way, eventually all things fell into place.

8th November 2011 - Registration of marriage in Malaysia

19th November 2011 - Wedding in Malaysia; tea ceremony and wedding reception

20th November 2011 - Wedding makan for the Sahaja Yogis

So today I am free! Socialising done. Time to get back on my feet and concentrate on marriage.

Thank You to Shri Mataji for every single thing. Without You, nothing is possible. No words can express my heartfelt gratitude to You. Thank You again and again.
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