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"Now because you are realised souls, not yet the Spirit – it has not yet come into your brain of course, but still you are realised souls. So what you can do is at least to watch your attention. You can do that, you can watch your attention very clearly by seeing where your attention is going. And then, controlling your attention also you can do. Very simple. To control your attention you have to just remove your attention from this to that. Try to change your priorities, all this has to be done Now, after realisation, a complete detachment." Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1983-07-16

Today is an important day for me

21st November 2011- is the day when all the weddings are completed! Phew! Finally I get to rest and relax and enjoy married life. Four weddings is really something else.

Planning for the wedding started last year November. Took wedding photographs and booked restaurant in December.

Then from January to July this year was deciding on things, how, when, what. Started on facial. Search for professional photographer and make-up artist commenced. Also started on getting my documents for the ROM in China.

Finally from August onwards, it was a roll of events.

22nd August 2011 - Registration of marriage in China

28th August 2011 - Sahaja Yoga Wedding Ceremony

2nd September 2011 - China wedding ceremony; tea ceremony and wedding reception

Back to Malaysia, preparation for the wedding in Malaysia started. From translating documents to buying souvenirs, although a lot of hiccups along the way, eventually all things fell into place.

8th November 2011 - Registration of marriage…

Enjoying life...

How nice! I am on leave, have leisure time everyday, doing everything at my own sweet time, have money to spent, sleep and eat only, doing clearing and meditation at my own pace. No rush, just enjoying every moment being in the present with my husband.

How nice if everyday also like this!

A Complete Guide to Marriage Registration between a Malaysian and a Chinese (register in China first, then Malaysia) - Part 3

A recap on all the previous posts relating to this topic.

Part 1 is about how to obtain the letter of single status.

Part 2 is about how to register the marriage in China.

And now, the final part, how to re-register the marriage in Malaysia.  For more info on re-registering a foreign marriage in Malaysia, you can go to JPN website.

1. Translating the China marriage booklet

First, go online and search for a accredited translator.  He/she must be recognised by the Malaysian Government, eg.  High Court or Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.  I got the services from Darren Meng.  He is very helpful.  Earlier I got the services from another translator, Mr.Cheok who lives in SS2.  I emailed to him again to translate the China marriage booklet but he did not reply my email until 1 month later.  Therefore, I requested the services of Mr. Darren Meng.  Both are equally good.
I scanned the China marriage booklet and emailed to Mr.Darren to translate.  Once it was done, he couriered it back to me.  All this …

We need a little time with God

Attended a conference on Friday. One of the speakers is a prominent guy who assists the Prime Minister in his planning. He is an excellent speaker. Spoke very well. He told how to improve business and gave the 6 secrets. Guess what's the 6th secret? He called it 'Divine Intervention'. While I feel his speech was indirectly touching on political issues and praising his boss, when he spoke on the last secret, suddenly I feel we have the same understanding.

I feel success comes to those who believe in God. Earlier I believed that success also comes to those who are loyal to their spouse but lately I realised there are way too many people cheating on their spouse and yet very successful in life, though may not be happy.

By saying believing in God doesn't mean merely going to places of worship and praying to God for money, fame, power and asking God to solve our problems. I feel believing in God have a subtle meaning. That we believe there is a much higher pow…

Staying connected to each other

I was just told that this year is a very auspicious Diwali for me as it is my first year being married.  However, it would have been nicer if he is with me, but he is far, far away.  I spent the Diwali doing my oil bath while he was busy working because it's not a holiday in China.  Sigh.
Many non-Sahajis asked me how do I maintain a long distance relationship?  My answer:  It takes a lot of determination, patience, trust and lots of love.  It is very important for a marriage to have communication.  I always find ways to connect with him, be it vibrationally or not.  Here is what we do to keep in contact:
1. Skype - We started out using Skype, which was the most awesome video calls software.  It makes everything so convenient and brings people from very far to very near.  We see each other through webcam and sometimes we type out our chats.  It was really very convenient.

2. Google Talk - I introduced him to Google Talk and he immediately installed it on his mobile phone.  However,…