One 60 minute phone call to China = Priceless!

I was under lots of stress in the past few days.  Became bad tempered and depressed.  Was unhappy with the turn of events and it seems that many things were beyond my control.  Being stuck in the middle and not being able to do anything was driving me nuts.  I analysed and assumed and generalised.  In the end, I was the main reason for being in Unhappyville.

I feel I am living in a fast-moving world, so fast that I don't know how to catch up.  People are stressing up with work and taking it out on others and animals too.  Cruelty now has no limit and people do all kinds of things, that is beyond our mind.  Everything is getting more expensive, our monthly salary is not enough to cover our basic expenses.  More people are running after money, especially fast money.  Stealing, robbing, snatch thieves are everywhere.  We read all kinds of news these days, getting weirder each day, getting more depressing each day.  

I want to go to the Kingdom of God, in Turiya state, in meditation.  Sometimes I am there, sometimes I am not.  Cannot sustain the energy.    

Anyway, after one phone call to China, everything was better, my emotions at least.  Vibrations also improved. It's all in our hands.  I didn't realised that whatever I was doing to hurt myself, he was feeling the effects too.  In other words, we give each other power.  I am his shakti power, and he supports me back.  It works both ways.  

Shri Mataji, I feel You more now.  I know You are everywhere.  Although I don't see You, I know You are near.  Please guide me how to sustain the vibrations throughout the day and night, on a daily basis.  Shri Mataji, please give me the wisdom and innocence of Shri Ganesha.  I love You!