We are Living in a Crazy World

Morning time
Wake up and get ready for work.  Meditate for 10 minutes to prepare for the day ahead.  Eat breakfast and drive to work.  

Stuck in a jam due to the fasting month.  My theory is after 'bersahur' many people go back to sleep and then leave for work later unlike before the fasting month, where they leave for work earlier and have breakfast before starting work.  

Reached parking.  Walk for 10 minutes to reach the office.  Between the parking and the office there is about 5 minutes of uneven road.  Wonder to myself, why does our management requires the ladies to wear heels to work when they don't provide smooth road for us?  My right foot has become funny due to bad shoes and constant walking on uneven roads.  There were a couple of incidents where I almost fell when one of the heels got stuck in the hole on the road.  I have changed a couple of shoes, but my foot is not getting any better.  OK, leaving this for now but hoping to find a solution in the future.

Start work.  On the computer.  Check emails.  Read news.  I can read all kinds of news, but cannot tolerate news on sexually abusing young children.  It pains me.  But this is what our world has become.  It's good news that the perpetrators are caught, but it hurts me to know that the children will be bearing the scars for the rest of their lives.

Moving on.

Afternoon time
Ate my lunch brought from home.  Found out from my colleagues that the management is only giving out 300 parking pass.  First come first serve.  There are 800 employees in our company and that means more than half of the employees won't get free parking, but instead have to pay hourly basis parking or buy season parking.  The company is expanding.  They are going to build a new building on one of our parking area, putting the priority in the customers instead of the employees.  Bad move if you ask me.

Continuing with my work and surfing the net.  Not so stress now.  Peak period is over.  Now it's quite free and easy.  So I have time to do some wedding planning.

Evening time
Stuck in the jam again to reach home.  Have to tolerate this for another 3 weeks.  Reach home and dinner is ready.  Bath, meditate, foot soak.  Chat with husband and sleep.  Getting a bit nervous about the whole wedding thingy.


I feel we are living in a crazy world, materialistic, drugs, sex, corruption and all that.  Crime rates are ever increasing, it's really a scary world.  Diseases, illness, cancer, etc, etc more and more.  We live in fear but at the same time we learn that everyday is a passing day.  People are getting more educated but the virtues are not in par.

If people can be more religious, believe in God, the one and only true God and not in funny stuff, then our heads will be clearer and not mess up.

At the end of the day, we have to give SR to as many as possible, change the world and surrender to God and be with God.

Believe and have faith in God.  That's what I tell myself everyday.  We need to cover this world with Love.

Note to self:  Do your part and Trust in the Divine!