Happy Birthday to me!!!

It's been a wonderful day and I expect more to come this evening.  This year's birthday is too good to be true, but it's all true!!!  All my wishes had come true and more on the way.  I feel so blessed.  Birthday celebration started early too!!!

The biggest present I have received for this year's birthday is totally a blessing.  I am going to Cabella, YES!  Air ticket bought, visa approved, mom & dad appointed, photographer and sister and brother ready...what else do I need??  Oh...a MAMA too.  I'll get one when I am there.

Biggest thank you to our dear Mother, Shri Mataji.  You are the Doer and Enjoyer and thank You so much for all the blessings.  Thank you to Lat & Kim for the wonderful meal.  Thank you Lat for the Pluck Musical show.  It was totally hilarious and they were so good, we gave them standing ovation.  Truly, truly, truly good.

Thank you to all my colleagues for the gifts and cupcake and cake.  I have so many cakes this year.  Speaking of cakes, KK gave me the most cute surprise, yesterday.  Since we are miles apart, he quietly bought a cake, showed it to me over the webcam, lit a candle, sang the birthday song, told me to make a wish, blew the candle, cut the cake and ate it.  Ha ha!!  Totally cuteness.

Well, more presents are coming my way, especially tonight, gonna have dinner with my family.  

Thank you KK for the wonderful surprise and the gift to Cabella.  Thank you to all my FB friends for all the birthday wishes.  Thank you everybody for making this day a beautiful day, filled with vibrations and joy and happiness.

Thank you God for bringing me onto this earth on this day, this month, many many many years ago.