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My husband is a simple man.  I think I have a lot to learn from him.  I am actually not in the mood to write.  Many things happened in the past few days and totally drained me emotionally.  All the emotions were so mixed up that I felt like a 'rojak' person.  
I was unhappy and could not find a way to get out of it.  So, I vented to my husband and thought he would side me and agree with me.  After hearing my story, instead of siding anyone, he told me just live life simply, don't be so complicated, then I will be happier.  I really admire that.  It woke me up immediately and my heart immediately relieved and I was feeling joyful again.  He was right, if I were less complicated, many things would have been different.  Besides, I feel many people around me are complicated which is why all these complications arise.   
Anyway, now and then I will be reminded of what happened and I really don't like it.  After reading the article below, then I realise that I am not in con…


Once in a while, a word or two will cross my mind.  It will flash through my mind and I will type it in the search box in Gmail to look for Shri Mataji's speech containing that word and will read about it.  Maybe it's introspection, maybe just something that is happening in my life at that point of time.
As you can see the title above, this word had appeared in my mind very often recently.  What happened was I see more people becoming very artificial.  Not only the behaviour or character but also the external, especially women.  
To be beautiful, many women resorted to artificiality.  I didn't know about this until recently got introduced into the makeup industry.  Yes, makeup can transform a person.  If you have a low nose bridge, then some colour will make it higher.  If you looked pale, some blusher will pink you up.  If you have single eye-lid, a sticker can create double eye-lids.  If you have too big lips, some lip-liner and lipstick can make it smaller.  If you hav…

The Shakti power

Today I was amazed at how strong and powerful a woman can be.  No, I am not talking about lifting heavy weights or doing abnormal stunts.  I am talking about the internal stuff, the nourishing factor, the motherly love, the enduring it all.  Shri Mataji has mentioned that woman should be like Mother Earth, how She endured all on Herself and keep on giving and giving.
"Now, when you get married to your husbands, try to understand that you are the Mother Earth, and you have to give.  And because you have powers, you can give.  Because you have so many Shaktis within you, you have to give." - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, date unknown.
I used to have many friends who were getting married.  Now I have many friends who are pregnant.  From the amazing stories I heard about carrying a child to full-term, to losing a baby due to miscarriage, to doing so many daily things while still taking care of the husband and to keep on giving love.  They have to go through the pain and the best par…

Happy Sahasrara Day!!!!

41 years ago, on this day, in 1970, Shri Mataji opened the 7th chakra, i.e Sahasrara.  With this, it opened the pathway for the Kundalini to rise, for emancipation of mankind, for true seekers to meet at the Kingdom of God and for spiritual evolution.  Shri Mataji, thank You for giving us a second birth.  Read Shri Mataji's explanation of what She saw when that happened:
"So when the time came when the necessity was so great that the necessity itself brought forth Sahaja Yoga. And it happened that I really saw the Sahasrara. Of course you know there’s a difference between your Sahasrara and mine. And I saw the Sahasrara, opened out beautifully and the petals were just like flames - rounded flames, rounded ones, rounded beautifully colored flames of different colors. That’s why I wore today blouse of many colors and sari of many colors. I saw so many permutations and combinations, so beautiful. And as if every petal was individually, absolutely complete and perfect, but so in…

Of ego, of negativity, of collectivity, of marriage...

I have been wanting to blog for a few days, but just can't get myself to do it.  I wanted to put more photos, especially those recently captured photos, but I have lost the cable and now unable to load any new photos.
Past few days, has been eye-opening days for me.  I have discovered a few new things, well, some not that new, but it's still something that makes me see with my eyes instead of just hearing or imagining or whatever.
First, I realised that, many times, the main thing that is stopping me from ascending, is my ego.  It's not something new though.  It's been there.  I see it on and off, but sometimes don't recognise it.  Now I see it more in the witness state and watching the drama, where I am the main actress.  It's the main hindrance in anything that I do. The best part (and I mean it) is that I know where this is coming from.  It's been there for ages, ingrown in the system, encouraged by the society and now it's not easy to surrender.  T…